Gangnam Style, download this song's game for Android for free

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The catchy melody of the Korean rapper PSY , has sneaked into the Android operating system application bazaar and threatens to stay for a long time. This song that sounds everywhere can not only be downloaded as a song on Google Play , since in recent days the games section has its particular version of Gangnam Style, with an adaptation that will make you move your fingers to the rhythm of one of the most impressive musical phenomena of recent years.

Gangnam Style's official video clip is about to reach 1 billion views on YouTube , and is by far the most visited video in internet history. The success of this song is nothing that La Macarena , Melody with his "Baile del Gorila" or Coyote Dax himself with "No rompas más" had not had in their day . Despite the rapid dissemination thanks to the current media, PYS has become a star and Gangnam Style or Baile del Caballo the most danced song of the moment. We don't know if this song will be heard for a while and will be forgotten along with its protagonist, but as long as its catchy chorus continues to spin through our heads, we are going to play with this entertaining game dedicated to Gangnam Style.

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Oppa Gangnam Style PSY Game , has reached Google Play taking advantage of the pull of the theme and it seems that it is working. Its mechanics are inspired by the well-known Dance Dance Revolution recreational games , which were first released in Japan in 1998. However, it has been adapted to the screen of our smartphone or tablet and don't worry that it won't be necessary to step on it. Instead, we will have to press the colored arrows to the rhythm of the music as quickly as possible and avoid making mistakes. All correct keystrokes will score points, but all errors will be punished by losing part of them.

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The Gangnam Style game is divided into several phases, that is, its development has divided the official video clip into several parts that will act as levels. We can play any of them, so it will not be necessary to unlock screens. In the score table we can see both our best games and all those that players from all over the world have played, so it is a challenge to try to place yourself at the top of the list. When we finish a game we can share our score through different social networks and messaging programs such as WhatsApp or Facebook.

Next we are going to leave you with the direct link to Google Play to be able to download the Gangnam Style game for free on your Android smartphone or tablet . Its size is 9 megabytes due to the inclusion of the video clip, which can be seen in low quality during the game.

Free download Gangnam Style, the game, for Android.