Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter ... which social network has the most active users

Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter ... which social network has the most active users

We tend to think that Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter are the social networks with the most active users. And we are not misguided, but the truth is that some of the most important do not have, by far, as many users as those that today we can still consider as queens.

Statista data confirm that Facebook continues to be the social network with the most active users. Mark Zuckerberg's is at the top, far behind the others. We are talking about a total of 2,167 million users who connect and keep their profiles alive by publishing content, photos, videos and all kinds of links.

And what do you think is the next social network with the most active users?

Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter ... which social network has the most active users

Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, the most populated networks?

After Facebook, the rest of the social networks register a generous number of users . But the truth is that it is difficult to exceed the more than 2,000 million that this social network amasses. The second social network with the most active users is YouTube. The Google video platform has 1.5 billion users who connect, upload content and comment regularly.

And now let's take a look at third on the podium. It is WhatsApp, one of the most popular messaging applications of the moment, above other tools that are also useful to connect with people in real time.

WhatsApp, which has also been owned by Facebook for a few years, has more than 1.3 billion users in the world . A figure that is only increasing. Because in fact, very few users have a smartphone and do not connect to WhatsApp.


Active users on Facebook. Source: Statista

Facebook wins by a landslide

In global terms, Facebook is still the most populated social network. And it has not stopped gaining users. If in 2008 it had less than 100 million users , today we can say that ten years later this figure has multiplied by 20.

And although it is the one with the most acolytes, the latest data we have on the table could indicate that in Spain it has already peaked. At the moment it has about 23 million registered profiles . But for the first time in the history of our market, Mark Zuckerberg's social network has registered a 4% drop in all of 2017. The same has happened in the United States and Canada, although it still does not lose its leadership.

By contrast, in our country  Twitter and Instagram grew by 9% and 35% , respectively. Which indicates that users are looking for other alternatives to communicate with others.


Active users on Instagram. Source: Statista

Instagram lags far behind the main networks

Instagram has increased its number of users in Spain , as has Twitter. But the truth is that in global terms, the social network of photos is still far behind other networks. A total of 800 million active users are targeted. Although the truth is that the forecasts are very positive.

Behind Facebook, YouTube and WhatsApp, which get the best grades, we find Facebook Messenger (on a par with WhatsApp, with 1.3 billion users), WeChat (980 million), QQ (843 million), Instagram (800 million), Tumblr (794 million) or QZone (568 million). Only behind all these networks, and some more, we find Twitter. The 280-character social network only has 330 million users.


Active users on Twitter. Source: Statista