The Samsung Galaxy S10 screen explained in detail

The Samsung Galaxy S10 screen explained in detail

Thanks to the statements made by Byungduk Yang in an interview conducted for the news section of the official Samsung website, we can learn a little more in detail about all the benefits of the new screen of the brand's flagship in 2019, the new Samsung Galaxy S10. In his words, it is not only a screen that gives the user a sharp and clear image, but it is also very comfortable for their eyes. They have created the new screen of the Samsung Galaxy S10 so that it is at the right epicenter of the user experience.

This is the screen of the Samsung Galaxy S10

The new Dynamic Amoled technology carried by the Samsung S10 range is compatible with the HDR10 + standard. Thanks to HDR10 + technology, the image offered by the mobile is much more similar to what was originally intended to be recorded, either through video or still image. And this is due to the fact that this evolution of the HDR10 uses a dynamic metadata measurement, that is, it is capable of analyzing the image while it is being reproduced and recording changes in lighting or color., for example. To understand this better, imagine the pupil of our eye. It opens or closes to let in more or less light depending on what we need to see the image in a more optimal way. In addition, the light situation varies throughout the day, and with it the size of our pupil. Well, the same with the video image in the new Samsung Galaxy S10.


The result, a more realistic image, scene by scene. Also, this new screen is capable of rendering up to 16 million colors, supporting high definition. This new device also becomes the first to receive the ' 100% Mobile Color Volume ' certification thanks to the faithful and realistic reproduction of the images. The company also devoted itself to studying the color preferences of more than 2,000 people in 15 countries around the world in order to later adapt the screen to what the majority demanded.

With regard to the visual health of the user, the screen of the Samsung Galaxy S10 also has something to say. The new flagship has managed to reduce blue light exposure by more than 40% , receiving Eye Comfort certification from the TÜV Rheinland base.