Yamaha A-S2100, stereo amplifier

yamaha a-s2100

The Yamaha A-S2100 is an integrated amplifier with high quality components. It is a very elegant product with a refined design that reflects a good construction. The front panel is made of metal and the side panels of the box are made of wood . A very well combined mix that provides a craftsman touch. The wheels and controls are made from machined aluminum , with a texture that is pleasant to the touch and is also attractive to the eye. The designers of the Japanese house have wanted to give this unit an air similar to the musical instruments of the same brand. Anyway, it is available in two colors:black or silver . In the center of the front are the level meters for each of the channels. A soft backlight with LEDs simulates the illumination of lamps. The user can select the meters to show the peaks. The meters have been incorporated into the panel without transitions.

This stereo amplifier from Yamaha features a phono amplifier consisting of an MC head amp and an EQ amp, both in a discrete configuration. Thus, the user can enjoy his collection of vinyl records on his turntable whether he uses MC or MM capsules. It is also equipped with a headphone amplifier in a totally discreet configuration. It can work with various impedances. The sound quality is audiophile grade even when using the headphone output during listening sessions.

yamaha a-s2100

The Yamaha A-S2100 offers a maximum power output of 2 by 160 watts (measured at 4 ohms), with peaks of up to 190 W. It works in a frequency range from 5 to 100,000 hertz , with almost negligible harmonic distortion. (0.025%), and the signal-to-noise ratio reaches 103 decibels (with CD source). This amplifier incorporates MOSFET type transistors ; It has an ultra - rigid chassis and a symmetrical designfor the left and right channels, with the power supply placed in the center and with the amplification power blocks at the ends to separate both channels as far as possible. A central frame runs through the box from front to back.

The connectors for the loudspeakers are screw type , with terminals cut in pure copper. Its shape is adapted to the contour of the fingers, so that they can be cast firmly with little effort. They are also compatible with banana type connectors. The amplifier legs play an essential role in isolating from external vibrations. The user can choose to install the supplied decoupling tips or leave the feet flat as shipped. The layout of the remote controlhe is also very careful. The upper part mimics the aluminum panel on the front of the amplifier itself. The buttons are well placed and the consumer can notice the nice metallic texture. Its dimensions are 435 by 157 and by 463 millimeters; weighs 23.4 kilos. It is possible to find the Yamaha A-S2100 in stores in our country at a retail price of 2,000 euros .