Here are the key updates in Windows 10 Update 20H1


Windows 10 version 1903 has not yet finished being deployed to all computers with Microsoft's system and the company is already preparing its successor. We refer to update 20H1 , whose arrival is not expected until the end of the year. It was precisely today when the new package was launched from Microsoft's servers with several of the improvements that are supposed to arrive in the final version, improvements that we will talk about below.

These are all the news in Windows 10 20H1

Version 20H1 arrives as the next big update for Windows 10. After the May system update, with new features such as clear mode or the introduction of a secure virtual environment to test applications of doubtful origin, Microsoft launches a new package with many of characteristics and whose departure date will take place at the end of 2019 .

Open applications start automatically when Windows restarts

A feature that has been present among Mac users for several years and now reaches Windows 10. From now on, applications that remain open in a session will start again in the state in which we left them after the restart from the system so that they do not need to be started manually.

Graphics card temperature is displayed in Task Manager

windows 10 20h1 update

Especially useful for gamers, now the Task Manager shows a real-time graph with the history of the computer's GPU temperatures . If we have two or more graphics cards in the computer, such as an integrated card and a dedicated one, the system will show us their usage and temperatures.

Ability to assign names to desktops

windows 10 20h1 2

The new update includes the possibility to assign different names to the different Windows virtual desktops , names that will remain recorded even if we restart the computer.

Finding the mouse cursor in text is now easier

From now on, the mouse cursor will change its color and size in text editors to improve its visibility when using applications such as Word or Notepad . Likewise, we can configure its appearance through the system options.

Zoom reaches the screenshots

Until now the screenshots were fixed to a certain size and position. The 20H1 update allows you to zoom in with the Control and + and Control and - keys , as well as with the mouse, without losing image quality.

Choose what to install and what not to install in each update

With each update, Microsoft includes many new features that most of us will not use on a day-to-day basis. Now the company adds the ability to choose which features to install and which features not to install . This also applies to programs and options related to language and region.

Greater control over the Internet connection

update windows 20h1 2

Seeing the settings related to the Internet connection of our computer was something that until now forced us to resort to Networks and Internet within the Control Panel. The 20H1 update integrates this configuration within the Configuration section. Now we can see the amount of data consumed by the network , as well as establish a limit if we have a limited data rate.

If you use Outlook and other Microsoft services you will no longer have to enter the password

Windows Hello, the Windows authentication system, has been renewed by integrating a new feature called passwordless  whose main feature is based on the automatic synchronization of all Microsoft services with our password, pin, face or fingerprint. This applies to Microsoft's own services, so that we will not have to re-enter the password for the service in question if we have already accessed our user session .

Windows searches get better

We explain the key news of the new Windows 10 update 1

Windows' integrated search engine has undergone a facelift Now searches get faster. A spell checker capable of correcting searches based on files and programs stored on our computer is also introduced. It also includes a new search engine in Windows windows that allows us to search for files more quickly.

Cortana improves your performance

windows 10 20h1 3

In addition to supporting the Light and Dark themes that the 1903 update introduced in May, the Cortana assistant improves its performance in aspects such as response speed and reliability when it comes to recognizing our voice , reducing the error rate when the process is performed. from transcription to text.

The calculator now displays over all other applications

windows 10 20h1 4

If we constantly work with complex operations, Windows has introduced a new option that allows us to fix the calculator in one part of the screen , keeping it at all times even if we change applications.

Improved narrator

The Narration option has been improved more naturally when narrating in different languages , which have not been provided for the moment. An option has also been included that allows us to start the narration automatically when opening an email or a web page.

Android notifications are displayed in the Windows notification panel

windows 10 20h1 1

A feature that has been talked about for a few months now and that finally lands in Windows 10. With the new Windows update the system will show the notifications received on our Android mobile from applications such as WhatsApp, SMS, Messenger ... Unfortunately, the synchronization it will be done via Bluetooth.

Controlling the mobile through the computer is now possible

So is. The 20H1 update includes a new option that allows us to duplicate the phone screen on the computer  to control the mobile through it. Unfortunately, the feature is supported by only a few computers. The computer must also have Bluetooth LE (Low Energy).

Source | Microsoft Insider