Samsung TecTiles, how to take advantage of the NFC technology of the Samsung Galaxy S3

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The connectivity of a smartphone is a very important section since the versatility of the device depends on it, with the connection systems we can access the Internet, share files, use accessories, browse Google Maps, view our photos on a television or even make mobile payments with the NFC system . NFC technology, an acronym for Near Field Communication, is a relatively new system but one that is already having a great acceptance throughout the world, although its most popular use is to be able to pay with the telephone, the truth is that it offers a range of very wide possibilities and that can help us in many more areas. SamsungIt has a system called TecTiles focused on taking advantage of the NFC chip present in many of its smartphones.

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NFC is a short-range wireless system that allows us to carry out different actions simply by bringing the terminal closer to a receiver. Among the most prominent applications is the one already mentioned to make payments with the mobile, access public transport or use the terminal as a hotel key. However, all these actions require an infrastructure provided by businesses and the truth is that in Spain it has not yet been developed globally. However , NFC allows many more uses , for example sharing files instantly by bringing two phones closer together. Also now Samsung offers the TecTiles , some small adhesive labels that allow us to configure our smartphone with different parameters in a single touch.

These labels can be programmed so that when we bring our smartphone closer, it loads a different configuration. To make this system work, you have to activate NFC and bring it to a TecTile to download the application. After we select the type of label and the action we want it to perform , we hold the phone over the TecTile and it is programmed.

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For example, a very practical use is to place a TecTile on the bedside table so that when we put the mobile on top it activates the alarm clock at a specific time and goes into silent mode , so nothing will bother us while we sleep and we will wake up on time. It is also interesting to create a configuration for when we leave home, making the 3G connection to be activated and the Wi-Fi to be turned off,in this case we could place the label next to the door and we can do the same but in reverse (activate Wi-Fi when we get home). But this is not all, the TecTiles allow you to program other tasks such as calling a contact, sending a message (very useful while driving), sharing contacts, opening applications or loading specific settings.

The TecTiles sold in the United States in packs of five units for $ 14.50, that the current change is about 10.80 euros. However, they can be found through other distributors such as Amazon or Exansys for a little more, around 16 euros.