Fantasy football: what is it and what are the best games

fantasy football

Soccer continues to be one of the sports with the most followers in the world, especially in Spain it is the one that mobilizes the most people. The Spanish league is one of the most recognized internationally, since it has teams and players who are the highest level. It is not surprising that proposals such as fantasy football have been successful , which, as we will see below, helps fans to make their own virtual teams and compete week after week.

Soccer fans like to follow every game in the Spanish league, and especially their team. Soccer manager games have been very well received , as they serve to increase the excitement and fun of this sport that moves millions of people around the world. Still do not know what fantasy football consists of? We will explain it to you below. And if you feel like trying the best games, you should take a look at our recommendations.

What is fantasy football?

Fantasy football is basically an online game that is played over the Internet. To participate you have to register on one of the platforms you choose to play. In it, you will be able to form your virtual soccer team based on the real players in the Spanish league. Once your team is created, adjusting to a budget and limitations to create it , you have to be attentive to the performance of your players when they have the games with their teams. Since depending on how they have played they will have one score or another, which will be added that season to your team.

At the end of each week, a list appears on the platform with all the players' scores , and the total sum that each user has obtained with their virtual team. Among all those who participate, you will be competing to see who gets the most points, with a guaranteed stake between you each day.

Depending on the platform in which you register, the players of your virtual team will be part of the Spanish league, or that of another country, such as the Italian or English league for example. That is already your decision, what if it is convenient is that they are part of a competition that you follow often, so that you know the players well and know their current status: goals, penalties, injuries, fitness, etc. This will allow you to sign and adjust your team to get as many points as possible.

What are the best fantasy football games

Laliga fantasy from Marca newspaper

This is one of the most important platforms in fantasy football. He is credited as the only official fantasy of the Spanish soccer league . It is a constant challenge for those who know a lot about football. If you don't miss a game and you think you know everything about the Spanish league, this is your chance to prove it. To make it even more real and that there is greater competitiveness among the participants, you can already snatch players from other managers by paying the termination clause. It also has a system of divisions to go up categories.

The advantages of this fantasy is that it is very intuitive, easy to play, anyone without great knowledge of the Internet can enjoy it . It has many possibilities and options that are constantly being updated. Laliga fantasy can be played through the official website itself, and also through the mobile application that is available on both Android and iOS. On each day they will show you which has been the ideal eleven, the players who are on the best streak and the latest news, so that you can make the best decision regarding your players.

Mister fantasy

It is another of the most interesting options to play fantasy football. In this online soccer manager you have the possibility to play against other managers or against your own friends . It also has a community for you to share your impressions and passion for football. It is not limited to the Spanish league competition, you can also make your team based on other competitions such as the Italian, French, Mexican, English, Argentine league, etc. Its biggest advantage is that it has a multitude of possibilities that guarantee fun, and they are all free.

In Mister fantasy it is possible to play both on the web and through the application on iOS and Android. And to give it even more excitement, this fantasy also distributes prizes for those who manage to be at the top of the table with their virtual team.


Another fantasy football that could not be missing from this list is Futmondo. In it are the best leagues from around the world so you can choose where you want to make your team, there is also the champions league. It is a fairly complete online manager that incorporates different game modes. One of them is used for social championships, with the possibility of creating leagues between friends.

Futmondo fantasy

It has all kinds of possibilities to enrich the experience , and also its functions are free. It is designed to generate competitiveness and fun for users.

If you are a soccer lover, these are just some of the best fantasy soccer. Each of them offers rules for you to make your virtual team based on a competition. Depending on how you want to enjoy the experience, you should choose one or the other. All of them are free and allow you to make changes of players , and to sign new additions that better adapt to the circumstances of each competition. You already have the opportunity to become a soccer manager thanks to these fantasy soccer platforms. There are also other interesting platforms that aim to offer the fantasy football data and scores of each player, such as Comuniate, which helps you get ahead of your opponents and make the best decisions.