YouTube Charts, so you can know the musical trends on YouTube

YouTube Charts, so you can know the musical trends on YouTube

Do you consume music content on YouTube? It is very likely, the Google platform is one of the best options to consume music content. It's free, fast, and it also offers music videos. The company has always been improving the music section on YouTube, creating different services, such as YouTube Music. We recently learned that the channels of musical artists would be distinguished with a note, now the company launches YouTube Charts , a small website to keep up with music trends. Is that how it works.

To access YouTube Charts we can do it through the enabled website ( The platform is divided into three sections. First, we find the most listened to songs. It shows the 10 songs with the most reproductions during the week, with the title and author . This section has small indicators in each song, which tell us if it is rising, staying, or falling in position. In addition, at the top we find the possibility of playing the songs in the form of a list.


Artists with the most views and top music videos

The second category is about the artists with the most views, regardless of the song. The mechanics are very similar to the first category, 10 artists with their graphics depending on the situation, if they continue to rise in the ranking, go down, or stay in position. Lastly, we love the top 10 most-watched music videos . Also with position statistics and the ability to play videos.

Something interesting about this small website is that it shows the visualizations of the most viewed artist and song. In addition, at the top we find the possibility to search for successes by country. For example, if we want to know which is the most listened to song in Spain, we select the country and it will show us the information. In the event that we select a country, a category called 'Trends' will be added, which shows the most recent and popular music videos.

Via: Google.