Amazon will pay users to deliver packages

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Renewed or die. That seems to be the internal slogan of Amazon , which is constantly looking for new opportunities to expand its business or improve its platforms. If yesterday we told you about the opening of its online supermarket , today it is the turn of a very original initiative that follows in the footsteps of Uber and that could revolutionize the way in which package deliveries are made. The US company will begin to pay users between $ 18 and $ 25 per hour so that they are the ones who deliver the shipments locally. A job that will require being over 21 years old and having your own license and car.Of course, if you were already considering a new career in the world of transport, you will have to be patient, since this project called Amazon Flex for now will only be deployed in American cities. We tell you all the details.

Finding new ways to do business is key in the times we live in. And more for tech giants like Amazon . The American company has decided to launch a new project called Amazon Flex. The idea is very simple. Dispense as much as possible with courier companies and turn the users themselves into distributors of their products. Of course, not in all shipments, but only those that are made locally in large cities and in which delivery is promised in just one hour(At least for the moment, although the door is not closed to other types of deliveries). In these cases, it makes sense that the firm wants to find a faster and more agile way to get products to users.

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As we said, this type of offer only makes sense in large cities where there is both a large supply and demand from users and sellers and buyers can easily coincide. At the moment, the company is beginning to deploy this service in the city of Seattle . To get an idea, the metropolitan area reaches just over three million inhabitants. Later, the firm plans to extend this service in other cities such as Manhattan, Chigago, Miami, Atlanta or Portland. It does not seem that this project will make the jump to Spain soon, although its success could transfer the project to other countries.

And what are the working conditions? Users who want to participate must be over 21 years old, have their own car and driving license and use an Android smartphone . The information about the shipments will come directly to them through a dedicated app. Before hiring someone, the firm will do a check on the user's past. Once approved, the salary will range from $ 18 to $ 25 per hour , with a flexible schedule that allows workers to choose blocks of available time of two hours, four hours or eight hours a day . Even if you want a more stable job, you can choose a maximum availability of 12 hours a day.

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