Angry Birds wallpapers for computer, mobile and tablet

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As we told you a few days ago, the latest update of the Angry Birds Seasons game is now available , which adds 30 new levels dedicated to summer and which offer the possibility of immersing the angry birds in their particular crusade for the first time against the malevolent green pigs . In order to fully enter their new adventures, iPhone and Android users can now update Angry Birds Seasons to this latest version and try to overcome the original challenges with as many stars as possible, after giving the birds a good few dips.

But this is not the only thing that the Angry Birds update has brought  , since its managers, the Finnish company Rovio , has posted on its website a series of wallpapers dedicated to Angry Birds and more specifically to these 30 new screens of Angry Birds Seasons , which take place in Piglantis , an aquatic city whose name is but a nod to the legendary land submerged Atlantis . Rovio has created three different versions , therefore you can download these backgrounds so that they are perfectly adjusted to your computer, your tablet , or your mobile phone.


Not even on vacation can the Angry Birds be calm, since their arch-enemies , the green pigs, are still determined to steal their eggs at all costs. This time the adventure takes us to Piglantis , an aquatic world in which the birds can jump into the water and dive in order to hunt the pigs. Rovio has decided that the summery atmosphere of these new levels will be perfect as a wallpaper on mobile tablets and computers, so they have chosen to upload the photos that you can see below. To be able to download them in full size, just click on each photo and they will open in a separate link showing theiroriginal quality.

Angry Birds Seasons Background for PC

angry birds seasons background 02

Angry Birds Seasons background for the tablet

angry birds seasons background

Angry Birds Seasons Background for Mobile

angry birds seasons background 01

Although these are wallpapers made by Rovio to accompany the release of the update Angry Birds Seasons, let's take this opportunity to leave you with as many wallpapers of Angry Birds that surely will be very bright on your desktop. As before, click on the photo to see it in full screen and later download it. Once on your computer, tablet or mobile, just select it as the wallpaper and that's it. The images may not be compatible with all devices, but they should be for the vast majority. We leave you with the rest of the Angry Brids wallpapers.

angry birds background 01

angry birds background

angry birds background 02

angry birds background 03

angry birds background 06

We also take the opportunity to leave you with the direct links to download Angry Birds Seasons on your iPhone and Android. In Apple phones the game costs 80 cents , while for Google's operating system it is free .

Angry Birds Seasosn for iPhone

Angry Birds Seasosn for Android