Canon LEGRIA HF G26, new compact and portable Full HD camcorder

Canon LEGRIA HF G26, new compact and portable Full HD camcorder

Canon has announced the launch of a new camcorder. It's called Canon LEGRIA HF G26 and it's a compact, lightweight, and portable Full HD camera . It features a 28.8mm wide-angle lens with 20x optical zoom, low light recording capabilities, a DIGIC DV4 processor, and an 8-blade circular aperture. The latter will allow us to create beautiful circular bokeh effects. In addition, the camera allows Full HD 50p recordings for all kinds of creative specialties. The Canon LEGRIA HF G26 will go on sale on April 1, 2018 with a suggested price of 1,070 euros.

New video enthusiasts and filmmakers have a new camera for their creations. The Canon LEGRIA HF G26 is a compact camera, but it does pack some very cool features. For example, it has a motorized Intelligent Image Stabilizer (IS) , which compensates for camera shake in 5 axes. It also has Instant Autofocus for quick and accurate identification of the position and distance of the subject.

The Canon LEGRIA HF G26 has three modes: Manual, Auto and Cinema. It also offers a 20x optical zoom , which enables creative video recording. We also have a Wide Dynamic Range , up to 600 percent, and Highlight Priority , achieving a uniform tonal distribution and adequate management of light areas.

launch Canon LEGRIA HF G26 zoom

On a technical level, the Canon LEGRIA HF G26 combines a 2.91 megapixel, 1 / 2.84 type CMOS Pro HD sensor and a DIGIC DV4 processor . This combination offers great light sensitivity, contrast and dynamic range, without affecting the Full HD 1080p resolution. In the same way, the LEGRIA HF G26 compensates for overexposure in very bright conditions with the built- in Neutral Density (ND) filter , which reduces the amount of light reaching the sensor.

Compact design and easy handling

The Canon LEGRIA HF G26 has very fast and advanced controls, despite being a compact camcorder. It is equipped with a professional-grade zoom rocker , a fingertip pressure-sensitive zoom ring, and a custom dial and buttons.

It also includes a 3-inch, high-sensitivity capacitive touchscreen . It offers the ability to adjust tracking, focus, and exposure to achieve high-quality results. On the other hand, the electronic viewfinder is tiltable (up to 45 °) and has 1.56 million pixels.

launch Canon LEGRIA HF G26 recording

The Canon LEGRIA HF G26 is capable of recording AVCHD and MP4, which allows recording with Full HD resolution in MP4 up to 35 Mbps and AVCHD at 28 Mbps . It is even possible to record in slow and fast motion with a maximum speed of 1,200x.

On the other hand, the camcorder has two SD card slots , allowing continuous recording and full backup. The Canon LEGRIA HF G26 also features an HDMI terminal for various advanced connections, including 3.5mm inputs for headphones and microphones, as well as an Advanced Mini-Hi-Hat connection. The built-in headphone output, with 16 volume settings for precision, and the microphone input enhance sound quality. This makes it easy for users to record interviews and vlogs, having all parameters controlled.

In short, a perfect camera for video enthusiasts, with some almost professional features. The Canon LEGRIA HF G26 will go on sale on April 1 with a recommended price of 1,070 euros .