eNest, smart bracelet for the elderly

ENest Magnetron

eNest is an intelligent wristband specially designed for the safety of the elderly , as it offers functions such as emergency call and indoor location. Actually, the system consists of a compact device connected to a bracelet worn on the wrist and which provides more peace of mind to those who have elderly or dependents in their care.

A bracelet with an emergency call system

The compact eNest device is small and light and can be conveniently carried in your bag or even in your pants or jacket pocket. It has GPS so that it is possible to locate the user at all times: outdoors it uses geolocation, and in closed spaces it can use the WiFi connection to determine where it is. And at any time, family members can check the location or receive information on important events by SMS or email .

One of the most interesting details of the eNest manufactured by the Nestwork company  is the synchronization with a bracelet that is worn directly on the wrist and that makes it even easier to prevent domestic problems. The eNest system can automatically detect periods of inactivity or falls, and even alert family members of entering or exiting security zones, and even has speed limit alerts.

The advantage of the bracelet is that, if the user cannot easily access their security device, they can have quick access to the emergency call function on their wrist , with which they can alert family members if they need help .

ENest Magnetron

All information is automatically synchronized with the Nestwork platform , which can be accessed by both the user and their trusted family members through the smartphone, tablet or computer .

In Nestwork it will also store a record with the most important events and notifications issued, to track the time of the relevant events.

ENest Security Features

As already mentioned, the integration of the bracelet and the eNest security device offers many interesting options:

  • Talk and listen : it is only necessary to press a button for the user to communicate with their family members.
  • Geo-security zones : a specific geographical area can be defined on the device so that eNest automatically alerts family members when the user enters or leaves it.
  • Fall detection : Enest automatically identifies impacts or accidental falls and sends an alarm signal to relatives.
  • Inactivity timeout: you can set a specific period of time as the maximum inactivity limit, so that the device will send an alert when it is exceeded.
  • Maximum speed : this option is especially useful if we want to monitor a dependent person who should not take the car or who no longer drives with it so easily. A maximum speed limit can be configured on the device to send immediate alerts whenever it is exceeded.

The eNest security device for the elderly is already on sale in Spain for 250 euros . And more and more technological proposals of this type are arriving on the market, such as the Nock watch that we announced a few months ago .