World map, 100 world maps to print and download for free


The world is getting smaller every day. Distances are getting shorter, technology connects us faster and faster. But the world is still a vast place full of unexpected corners. That is why it never hurts to have a world map or world map at hand .

Before when we wanted to know the countries, the capitals and the great rivers, we  used a purchased map. That is, we went to the neighborhood bookstore to get all those maps (silent, physical, political) that the teacher asked us for.

Then to take advantage of what it cost to buy that sheet, some of us even chalked or photocopied them. In this way we could reuse it as many times as necessary , as long as it remained in our minds that Helsinki was the capital of Finland or that the Seine passed through Paris.

100 world maps to print and download for free

We have maps of Spain to download. We also have maps of Europe. But the world is as wide as it is long. Today we want to dedicate this article to offer you more than 100 world maps or world maps to print and download for free .

The only thing you will need to have them in your hand will be a computer and a printer (this if you want to have them on paper). And it is that all (absolutely all) the maps that we offer you here are available without you having to pay . We are going to conquer the world?

political world map

World map or political world map

You know that political maps are those that help us identify the different territories according to their political division . They constitute a faithful guide to each and every one of the sections into which a continent, a country, a province are divided ...

Thus, a political world map is a fantastic tool for students . They can learn the different countries and territorial sections, and then know how to identify them on a map. And practice, if possible, on top of a silent map.

If you do a search on Google you will find countless political world maps to download for free . However, we want to provide you with a few. In this way, it will not be necessary to do any search and you can download everything from this same space.

If you are looking for a free and colorful world map , here is a good assortment: world map with legend, colored by continents, a more complete map and a continental one. One with a very colorful and clear division. This one is more traditional, but like this one you will find many.

Finally, we wanted to propose a total of 16 political world map images of the world as it is today. A large part of these proposals are in English (the ones we have offered you so far were in Spanish), so if in addition to learning the countries you want to practice the language: these will come in handy.

You can take a look at any of the following: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16.


A few planispheres

Planispheres are a scale representation of a map of the world  or the celestial sphere. They are characteristic for their shape, although in reality, they are nothing more than a common graphic presentation of the different continents and countries. Thus, if what you are specifically looking for is a planisphere, perhaps you should take a look at these proposals.

Here you have a map of the political world, absolutely clear and very well colored. It is a great map, if you want to print the document and make it fit correctly on the paper . This one is not so clear, but it may also be useful to you. If you need it with a higher resolution, here it is: you can download and print it even in poster format.

This planisphere includes all countries and oceans. Not a single detail is left, but it is a more traditional proposal . This one is a bit simpler, because it only includes the oceans and continents. Here you have another fairly basic political planisphere and another that will also be practical, if you are looking for one that includes the minimum information.

If you dive a little more you will find other proposals that are very detailed, although if what you are looking for is a basic general map , here is another that will get you out of more than one trouble.

physical map

World map or physical world map

Physical world maps are another big hit in the world of maps . Why? Because they are very useful to learn everything related to the geography of the territories. If when we talk about a single country, the contribution is already enormous, you can imagine that a physical world map has a lot of substance.

In these cases, it is best to choose different world maps for each specific region . At best, perhaps it is preferable to opt for physical maps of continents and countries. Why? Well, because this will allow us to achieve a higher level of detail.

But, let's first take a look at the physical world maps that you can download for free over the internet . With this you can check the different altitudes. Just like here, with different colors that reveal to us which are the highest places on the planet.

There are, for example, Tibet and the Andes Mountains well identified. You can also download a physical planisphere, another less colorful, one in French and another more basic for children. The latter includes some basic denominations, but does not go into too much detail. For this reason, it is an interesting proposal for children who are beginning to study the different geophysical phenomena on the planet. This one is very original and is also suitable for school.

Mute world maps

World map or mute and political world map

But the thing does not end here. We have already told you that silent maps are great when it comes to studying. Why? Well, because they offer us the possibility of writing on it. Once we have downloaded the political and physical world maps that we have above, we will have the opportunity to translate all our knowledge and learning on paper.

You can print them as many times as you want (whether you are a student or a teacher) to paint and write everything you need. We have made different selections of silent world maps. Because you have them in white or in colors.

The silent and political world maps are very useful to identify continents, countries and cities (capitals, but also large cities). This one does not have any division, it has all the countries marked, in gray, completely white, but very large and in a planisphere format.

If you are looking for mute world maps, but with geographic coordinates , here is an interesting one. Image quality is really good. With the oceans, a very well finished planisphere and this one, with the blue sea bottom, very well finished.

The silent maps that we have offered you so far are, in principle, political and are only available in black and white . The options that we propose below are in colors. If for whatever reason you prefer the map you are going to download to be like this, take a look at these options.

This one is basic, but very colorful . Each continent has its own hue. This one is very similar, but it is smaller. If you don't need to print to the full page, this can help you just the same. This is much larger and has country separations. This is graphically flawless. Like this other, which also offers the subdivision by continents.

This is gray, but includes the country separations. It is also quite large, so it will be great if you need to print it large . This one has a more artistic touch, but the truth is that the text is very small. This has a transparent format, so that for certain documents it may be better for you.

Physical and silent world maps

Physical and silent world maps

Now let's take a look at the dumb and physical world maps. What are they for? Well, to indicate the mountain ranges, the rivers, the seas and oceans, the mountain ranges, the volcanoes and even the lakes. If you have studied all these geological features and now you want to put your knowledge to the test, you have to download one of these maps.

The first one that we propose is a physical map with the different rivers. You have it in blue and green, combined. Here you have another resource in which a large part of the world's landforms are represented. The quality of this other is not that high, but the truth is that it can come in handy if you want a representation of the basics.

In the event that you need a larger image, here is a more complete and quality map. Thus, when you download it, you can print being sure that you will not lose definition along the way . You will also have more space to write the different landforms that you identify.

In this the reliefs are much better appreciated. This is simpler, because it is in black and white , although it rests on a yellow background. This makes it much more striking at first glance. Here you can find one of the simplest, although it will also help you to make the indications you need.


World map or world map by continents: Europe

And now let's see what maps we find when dividing by continents. You have seen that you can download complete world maps, but then you also have the option to download and print different world maps by continents for free. This will help you to more clearly identify the different countries, capitals and geographical phenomena.

And now we will start with Europe, our continent . Here you have a political map that is in English, although this other one seems much clearer to us. This is also a political map, although it looks a bit simpler. If you are going to teach with children, maybe it will suit you. The latter includes a lot of useful information.

If you need a physical map, here you have one that is completely complete. However, if you want, you can take a look at this special maps of Europe, in which you will find more than 250 quality proposals to download and print for free.

World Maps by Continents: America

It is one of the largest continents. Not surprisingly, it includes North America and South America . There is also Canada. But what about maps? Well, the same thing happens with Europe. Here you can find political maps in which to locate the different countries and capitals. This is a silent map that can come in handy to practice locating territories.

America is a very special continent in terms of its geography . To identify the different geological phenomena (rivers, mountain ranges, seas and oceans, islands ...) you can download physical maps.

This is a traditional physical map, so it includes everything you would ask of a map with these characteristics. Thus, thanks to the legend you can identify different rivers, mountains, lakes and altitudes . To practice everything you have learned you can take a look at this silent map. It is clear and simple, but it has a great quality.

If you want to see the maps of South America and North America separately , don't worry. You can download a political map of South America and another of North America. You also have physical maps of the North and South at your disposal, as well as blank maps of one part and another.

World map or world map by continents: Asia

Let us now continue with Asia, a vast continent in which we find countries as important as China, India or Saudi Arabia . If you need a map of the political world of Asia, here is one that can be of great help.

In this you will find identified each and every one of the countries that make up the continent. You will see that they are marked with their names and in different colors . Then you have a silent map, in which you can locate them once you have learned them.

Finally, we want to recommend a physical map. Here you will see each and every one of the continent's geographical features identified in very good quality and large size . There are, for example, the Mongolian Plateau, the Indochina Peninsula and the mighty Himalayas.

Maps of the world by continents: i Africa

Africa is a continent of gold , both for its diversity and for its people. Sadly, it has been looted by the West ad nauseam. The first thing you can download is a political map, with an especially large size. When you download it to print you will see that it does not lose quality. Thus, you can continue to identify the countries correctly.

You know that, on the other hand, Africa is also a continent of contrasts. In this physical map you will have the opportunity to see all the geographical phenomena, indicated in colors and with all the specifications that one needs to recognize each part of the continent.

Finally, and once the different countries have been studied, you have the option of downloading a silent map . Here you can make all the annotations you need. This silent map of Africa that we propose to you has a fairly high quality, so you will not lose quality in any case.

World map or world map by continents: Oceania

Oceania may be one of the most exotic and unknown continents that you can find on a world map . Probably also by distance. This political map of Oceania will help us get to know the continent better.

If you need to observe and recognize the different landforms of Oceania, we recommend taking a look at this physical map. There we will find such important places as the Great Sand Desert, the Great Dividing Range or the island of Tasmania.

Another interesting option - a silent map. It will be of great help to you to identify the different regions . You can also make annotations and drawings. The quality of this image is quite good, so you can print it without problems, because it will not lose definition.

World Maps: Antarctica

After the tour of the five continents, now we are going to take a look at the maps that exist of Antarctica . If you need it, don't worry, because on the Internet you will find countless planispheres dedicated to this special region of the world.

Here is a political map that is quite clear. You will be able to identify the different regions . If you want to be clear about the geographic system of Antarctica, you have this physical map. The quality is quite good.

Finally, we leave you a silent map of Antarctica. In this you can write what you want , make drawings and write down any coordinates.

world maps kids

World maps for kids

In case you want to work countries or continents with children , you may have to use maps that are adapted. Most likely, you don't have to go deep into the divisions of the countries and you don't have to teach them each and every geographic phenomenon. In this case, we will work with the basics.

We have found a map of the physical world for children, on which the continents and oceans are indicated .

If you are looking for fun world maps to teach your little ones about different cultures and traditions, you have plenty of proposals available for free download. This other will help you to introduce monuments, cultural symbols and even flags and a children's poster that if you like, you can buy separately.

This one is more basic, but contains some interesting elements . Here new fun proposals, another with drawings and this one in different colors. You can print this one big and we found this other a lot of fun.

If you are interested, you have one to make a division by animals, another by flags and a third that you can use as a puzzle. In this way, learning the continents and countries will be much more fun . If you work with elementary school kids, this can come in handy.

Artistic world maps to print and hang

Artistic world maps to print and hang

World maps are a trend. Also in fashion and decoration . It is not difficult to read in a decoration magazine that there is nothing more trendy than hanging a world map to preside over the room. You can also place it in an office, in your home office or in any other corner that you want. The truth is that they marry everything. Or almost everything. If you are also a fan of geography, it will be round.

What we wanted to collect in this last section are a good number of artistic world maps that you can find for free, to download over the Internet. All the ones we have selected are in large format, so when printing them you can do it in a large size.

If you have them printed by a professional, you may also be able to enlarge it to poster size. Thus, if you print them in photographic quality or other special formats, the result can be magnificent.

Animal lovers have a good collection of maps at their disposal. This reflects the predominant species throughout the world, country by country.

Then you have proposals in colors. There are them in a great variety of tones, but also in green and blue tones (made as if they were a watercolor) or in a sparse black color.

If yours is money (especially if you are an economist or even a collector of coins and bills), here is a map of the world with the images of each and every one of the coins. In the same style you have another with the flags.

If you fancy something more traditional or historical , you will find plenty of proposals online. This map has a very interesting aged look, although you have others that are much more artistic. In this style we find a good number of options, some with a historical aspect and others that cannot leave anyone indifferent.

world maps poster

Here is a poster to print in different boxes, one of very fun made based on illustrations. In this you can see different species of dinosaurs. And you will love this one : especially if you are a lover of simple line illustration.

And although we have already told you about different maps for children above, here is a map of the world that you can print as a poster. It is ideal for the room or the playroom of the smallest of the house. It can also be used to decorate in classrooms, libraries and other environments intended for children. If you are looking for another similar poster, here is also this one: it has an acceptable quality to print in a good size.