Philips 55PUS6262, full review with features and price

Philips 55PUS6262, we have tested it

Your Expert RecommendedAlthough most television manufacturers strive to show us their new high-end models, that does not mean that everyone can or want to spend 3,000 or 4,000 euros on a television. Manufacturers know it and, although they do not give them so much publicity, every year they also renew their medium and even low ranges. Philips launched several mid-range 4K UHD TVs this year. Among the cheapest we have the Philips 55PUS6262, a 55-inch TV with 4K UHD resolution, Smart TV system, Pixel Plus Ultra HD processor and Ambilight system on 2 sides . A television that, with a price of 820 euros, can be a great alternative to high-end models. We have had the opportunity to try it for a few days and we will tell you what we think.

Philips 55PUS6262 datasheet

Diagonal55 inch
Resolution and technology4K Ultra HD, Pixel Plus Ultra HD, Micro Dimming, 900 dpi, Brightness 350 cd / m², Maximum luminance ratio 65%
Panel typeLED
Dimensions124.4 x 77.5 x 26.1 cm (with stand)
Weight16.3 kilograms (with stand)
SupportRectangular plastic support, VESA 30 x 20 cm
Operating systemPhilips proprietary system
AppsNetflix, YouTube, Rakuten TV, Browser, Vimeo,
ControlRemote control, Philips TV Remote app
Sound20 W, Sound enhancers: Surround sound, Sound clarity, Automatic volume control, Intelligent sound control
Connections3 x HMDI, 2 x USB, Component, DVB-T / T2 / T2-HD / C / S / S2 Tuner, CI +, Optical digital audio out, RJ45, Headphone out
Wireless connectivityWi-Fi 11n 2 × 2 integrated
OthersAmbilight on 2 sides
Release dateAvailable
Price820 euros


we have tested Philips 55PUS6262 front

The Philips 55PUS6262 TV has a simple but functional design. Surrounding the screen we have a lead gray plastic frame 1.5 centimeters thick on all four sides . In the lower frame, located in the center, we find the Philips logo. This is located in a kind of glass ledge, with the front painted in gray and the name of the brand in white.

In the right corner of the frame, looking at the screen from the front, we have another small projection under the frame. This one is also transparent and hides the infrared receiver . It stays lit in red when we turn off the TV.

we have tested Philips 55PUS6262 rear

The back is also made of plastic, but black has been chosen for it . We have been struck by the circles that are seen on the case when the light hits it. We assume they are the internal screws, but they look a lot and tarnish the final finish.

Otherwise the upper area is a bit thinner. The lower part, where the connectors are located, is somewhat thicker. The power connector is located on the right side of the TV (looking at it from the front). It is quite heeled , which we must take into account when connecting the device.

We also have, a few centimeters from the power connector, a kind of joystick that is also a button . With this small control we can use the television if we do not know where the remote is.

To place the Philips 55PUS6262 on a piece of furniture we have a fairly long but very thin support. This bracket is also made of plastic and sports the same gunmetal color as the front frame.

This support is 80 centimeters long and 27 centimeters deep. Also lift the television off the cabinet about 5.5 centimeters. Being made of plastic is very light and honestly, it also seems quite fragile. Still, the TV is stable on the surface where we put it .

Picture quality

we have tested Philips 55PUS6262 image quality

Before checking the image quality "on the spot", let's see what the Philips 55PUS6262 hides inside. The first thing to know is that we are talking about a 55-inch 4K Ultra HD LED panel . This panel has a brightness of 350 cd / m² and a maximum luminance ratio of 65%.

This panel is controlled by the  Philips Pixel Plus Ultra HD image engine . This is responsible for optimizing the quality of the image, achieving fluid images with an incredible richness of detail and depth. Or at least that's what the manufacturer says. We will see immediately if this is really the case.

The Philips 55PUS6262 also features HDR Plus . This system allows to show more defined high-gloss areas and achieves more detailed colors.

we have tested Philips 55PUS6262 picture modes

In terms of configuration, this TV offers some options, but it is quite limited. When we start the television for the first time , it forces us to make a minimum configuration of the image to adapt it to our liking. We have tried leaving the custom mode and also using the Cinema mode, which is usually the most balanced.

Image quality: DTT

As the first thing we will see when connecting the television will be DTT, we start with it. In general, Philips televisions tend to have a very 'cool' picture . The company applies some sharpness improvements, also achieving very striking colors.

In other words, whenever we see a Philips TV in action, the first sentence that comes out is “how good it looks!”. And the Philips 55PUS6262 is no exception. The DTT HD channels look really good . With the custom settings that we put when we turned on the TV, we have a sharp image, in which no pixels are seen and with very striking colors.

As for the DTT SD channels, the Pixel Plus Ultra HD processor does a good job . Despite the 55 inches, channels like Divinity, Clan or FDF look more than decent. It is true that in some images we will notice the pixels and perhaps some defects, but it is inevitable given the low resolution at which these channels emit.

Image quality: HD and 4K

As is common with 4K televisions, they are most enjoyed with high-resolution content. Both Full HD images and 4K UHD content look great on the Philips 55PUS6262 . If we use the cinema mode we will have a more natural image, but somewhat less sharp than we would like. If we use the Standard mode or even the Game mode, the TV raises the sharpness and the image seems to look better. However, it is a more artificial image.

In the end we will have to play with the different settings offered by the television to get the image that we like. We have been pleasantly surprised by the black level the Philips 55PUS6262 achieves . Generally almost any LED TV has minimal leakage at the edges or suffers from completely dark images with some bright object in the center. It has not been so with this model. Blacks have always been deep and without any distortion. Logically they do not reach the level of an OLED TV, but this Philips model does a good job.

Ambilight system

we have tested Philips 55PUS6262 ambilight

One of the biggest draws of Philips TVs is the Ambilight system. It is a backlighting system that is used to regulate the contrast within the room . According to the manufacturer, Ambilight is the result of an in-depth study carried out on the way people watch television at home.

Maybe if we have never tried a lighting system like Ambilight we will not give it too much importance, but the truth is that most of the users who have tried it are delighted. The Philips 55PUS6262 has a 2-zone Ambilight system only . That is, both sides of the television are illuminated. Still, the effect is really striking. It's great to watch a movie and have the wall light up to match the image on the TV.

In addition to getting much more into the action, the Ambilight system offers us a soft lighting adapted to what we see on the television . This avoids viewing the TV completely in the dark and improves picture quality. In addition, the black level is considerably improved by having back lighting.

we have tested Philips 55PUS6262 ambilight modes

Through the menu of the Philips 55PUS6262 we can configure the Ambilight system as we like best . You can tell it to follow video, audio, set a fixed color, or follow an application. Within each of these modes we will have several configurations, with more or less intensity. Also in the audio mode we can choose various effects.


we have tested Philips 55PUS6262 sound

As with the image, when turning on the television for the first time we will have to make a small configuration of the sound . The television will simply make us choose the type of sound that we like the most.

The Philips 55PUS6262 has an output power of 20W , a fairly common fact in LED televisions. The sound is good for normal use, with strong bass if we want it and clear voices. We will have enough to watch television programs. To watch a movie or series it can be useful, but it is always advisable to connect some type of external sound equipment.

Smart tv

we have tested Philips 55PUS6262 apps installed

Although Philips has long relied on Android TV for its Smart section, not all models include it. The Philips 55PUS6262 is one of the models that does not have Android TV , but a Philips own platform. And the truth is, it is perhaps the worst part of the television.

The included Smart TV system has a very old-fashioned interface , similar to what TVs had from several years ago. In fact, it shares an interface with the Philips 24PFT4032, although in this model we do have an Internet connection and the possibility of installing applications.

we have tested Philips 55PUS6262 store apps

However, as we said, it is a very limited system. Actually, the main applications we have are Netflix and YouTube . We also have the RTVE application, but little else. Although if we enter the menu we will see many apps, in reality they are rarely used or very specific applications.

we have tested Philips 55PUS6262 EPG

Apps aside, the interface has some cool stuff. For example, EPG shows channel icons . Also included is a media player that offers good image quality and works very fast, even with network content.

Control and connectivity

we have tested Philips 55PUS6262 remote

A simple remote control is included to control the Philips 55PUS6262 TV. It is very light and its housing is made of plastic . The predominant color is black, although the button labels are white. Among all the buttons it includes, the one dedicated to Netflix stands out, which is white with red letters.

Otherwise we have a central surface with a softer touch and three large buttons to launch the menu, run the Smart system and go to digital television. We will also have the possibility of controlling the devices connected by HDMI with the TV remote thanks to EasyLink .

we have tested Philips 55PUS6262 remote control app

Another option to control the Philips 55PUS6262 is the PhilipsTvRemote app , available for Android and iPhone. Through the application we can control the television with a remote control, launch the reproduction of some element on the network, control the Ambilight system or view the programming guide.

we have tested Philips 55PUS6262 connections

As for the connectivity section, for most users it is well covered. The Philips 55PUS6262 includes 3 HDMI inputs (we can only connect 4K HDR devices to inputs 2 and 3), 2 USB ports, component input, optical digital audio output and ethernet. At the wireless level, we have integrated Wi-Fi 802.11n 2 × 2 connectivity .


Although each year it seems that brands only care about their unattainable high-end televisions for the majority, it is not so. Manufacturers are clear that the vast majority of consumers will not spend as much money on a television, so they also strive to offer a competent mid-range .

we have tested Philips 55PUS6262 conclusions

After testing it thoroughly for several days, we can say that the Philips 55PUS6262 is one of these televisions . Image quality, without being outstanding, is good with any source. In addition, as we have mentioned, Philips televisions usually include a very striking image configuration. During the test there are several people who have seen the television in action and all have made the same comment when watching it: "how good it looks!"

It is true that for the most purists the image is too 'artificial'. We check this by placing the Cinema mode, which disables most of the improvements. Still, we have been pleasantly surprised by the level of blacks that this TV reaches , one of the best in this price range. Even the viewing angles are really good.

we have tested Philips 55PUS6262 final

On the bad side we have the Smart TV system . If we are only going to use Netflix and YouTube it will not be a problem, but we cannot ask for anything more. We do not have any DTT applications, like A3Player, and those that are available in the application store are almost anecdotal.

On the other hand, we have loved the Ambilight system . Although the Philips 55PUS6262 has the simplest version (2-sided only), the improvement in display and immersion is clear. The system works like a charm and syncs with images seamlessly.

Price and availability

we have tested Philips 55PUS6262 price

Choosing a television today is not an easy task, whether we have a lot of money or not. The Philips 55PUS6262 is a television that offers a 55-inch screen, good image quality and the Ambilight system with a price that does not exceed 1,000 euros . However, if our priority is to get a powerful Smart TV, we will have to choose another model, such as the Samsung UE49KU6500. Without a doubt this is the weakest point of the Philips.

The Philips 55PUS6262 is already available on the market with a price of 820 euros for the 55-inch model that we have tested.