The funniest memes and GIFs of the week

The funniest memes and GIFs of the week

We are sure that the creators of memes are already at work to give the best of themselves throughout this week. However, the previous one gave much of itself.

We lived one of the best moments with Cristiano Ronaldo, at the opening of the airport that will bear his name . When the statue of his bust was unveiled, the whole world was left with their mouths open. But that was not all.

Then we have the Luis Fonsi song: Despacito. A musical drill that promises not to rage until after the summer and that has already been parodied on many occasions . The last one has been in charge of this rescued bluish dinosaur.

Here are all the memes that have caused a sensation and laughter throughout this week . What can you not avoid sharing?

The funniest memes and GIFs of week 1

If yesterday Sunday you went to mass to take communion, surely you did it with the angel bread of a lifetime. There is, however, a more innovative (and sugary) proposal in the form of an Oreo cookie . In this way, we can pray with more reason.

The funniest memes and GIFs of week 2

That you are at your grandparents' house and your mother tries to scold you? Where has this been seen? Mothers and fathers have no jurisdiction over the home of their respective parents and in-laws . The thing will not be so funny when the father or mother is you and you try to get your children out of your comfort zone.

The funniest memes and GIFs of week 3

And speaking of fathers, mothers and children . If your child asks how you got married and why, you may not be able to give an answer to the usage. Anyone has an oversight. Although the consequences are paid later. Glups!

The funniest memes and GIFs of week 4

How was the weekend for you? Be very careful with those messages that are sent late at night - or at dawn - and that do not seem entirely credible. Your girlfriend, the one who said she hated you so much and didn't want to see you in her life, has sent you a message saying that she misses you .

Most likely, it has happened with the party and that the message is more false than the objects that bring Pawns to the beast. Don't be innocent!

The funniest memes and GIFs of week 5

And now that Easter is approaching, it is most likely that in the coming days the networks will be filled with religious memes. Here we have the first. It seems that Jesus has tried the latest in uranium shampoos . This is how her hair looks.

The funniest memes and GIFs of week 6

And here is Cristiano Ronaldo, the Real Madrid player, with the bust that has been made of him at the Madeira airport. From now on: Cristiano Ronaldo Madeira International Airport. Anyone would say that the bust was made by his neighbors . Didn't Fútbol Club Barcelona itself have been in charge of the details?

english level

If you are going to a job interview this week, don't forget to brush up on the basics in English. Don't let it happen to you like this one, who could use an advanced course to refine his knowledge a bit ...

And now we continue with the best GIFs we have seen this week. The statue of Cristiano Ronaldo in GIF format and crying like a cupcake could not be missing in this compilation . And is not for less. The worst of all is that its creators say that the man was happy with the result: he only had a few wrinkles retouched. Wouldn't the Madrid player have to graduate?

Well, like this in the past, not even Cristiano Ronaldo himself is very clear about it. But this man has not been seen in the statue? 

And you, how did you spend this weekend? If you have done better than Cristiano, it is most likely that this Monday morning you have asked yourself, why me? You have to get up and get going . You have a lot of memes to send!

Although it will happen to many of us like this baby. If there is no one who can handle life on Mondays .

But, cheer up, it's already spring! The men and women of the time have said that snows and rains recede to give way to the sun . Little flowers, green fields and naps in the sun.

Get ready for Easter, bunnies and Easter eggs. If all goes well, the days will pass very quickly and this Friday will be the prelude to a week of rest and fun .

But with a little more joy, man. So: if you have to be a rabbit, let it be with all the laws: carrots, chocolate and teeth. Many teeth! 

With all this, you only have to go collect the Easter eggs. May you be as lucky as this girl and hit with everything. Happy week everyone!