LOVEStv, we tested the HbbTV platform of the Spanish DTT

LOVEStv, we tested the HbbTV platform of the Spanish DTT

On June 14, in theory, the LOVEStv platform was launched. It is a platform based on HbbTV that offers content from RTVE, Atresmedia and Mediaset. And we say "in theory" because the reality was different. The service did not work in any of the chains. You could only enter RTVE, but not the new LOVEStv, but its own platform that has been running for years. Now, for a few weeks, it seems that the service has started to work. So, since we couldn't, we wanted to test the LOVEStv platform and tell you how it works .

Although we have done several articles explaining what HbbTV is, it does not hurt to remember it. HbbTV stands for Hybrid Broadcast Broadband TV. It is a pan-European hybrid television project whose objective is to combine television emissions (broadcast) with broadband services (broadband) to provide the viewer with a more complete entertainment service.

In order to use it, we need a compatible television with an Internet connection . But don't worry, the HbbTV has been around for a long time, although most users did not know it until now. This means that your TV is probably compatible with this service. A very quick way to find out is to put La 1 and any other channel with LOVEStv and wait a few seconds. If a sign appears on the left side of the screen that tells you how to access their on-demand channel service, you have HbbTV. Otherwise, either your TV is not compatible or you have it disabled. You will have to take a look at the options to verify it.

How LOVEStv works

we tried LOVEStv menu

If our television is compatible, as we said, when we put an A3Media, Mediaset or RTVE channel, a small poster appears on the right side that announces the availability of LOVEStv. To access the platform we just have to press the blue button on the remote control .

As soon as we enter we will see a small programming guide that shows us the current program and the next one. We can move to the right to see the following programs, but also to the left to see the previous ones. At the bottom we have several shortcuts, which we can access using the colored buttons.

we tested LOVEStv settings

If we click on the blue button again we will access the main menu of LOVEStv . It is a very simple menu, with four options on the left side of the screen. The first is Help, where they will explain how the platform works. The second is "Last 7 days", the most interesting and which we will now talk about. In third position we have "Recommendations". And in the last one a small Settings menu.

We start with the last one. In the Settings screen we only have the cookie policy and parental control. On the other hand, in the Help section we have a small FAQ with frequently asked questions , a system to contact support and another for general information.

we tested LOVEStv recommendations

In the Recommendations section we have a selection of programs recommended by the platform itself . In theory, these are the most prominent programs on each channel.

Here we will also see the programs that are broadcast soon. If we click on them we will see the information of the program. We can do the same from the programming guide that appears as soon as we click on the blue button. By choosing a program that has not yet aired, we will be able to access its information in a much more visual way than the usual programming guides that televisions include.

we tested LOVEStv last 7 days

Finally, and this is the most interesting section, we have access to the programming of the last 7 days . Upon accessing, we will see the schedule for the day we are in, being able to download with the arrows to see a program that we have missed.

With the left arrow we will go to the previous day's programming. The same to go two days ago and so on until the previous 7 days to which we are. It may not be the most intuitive system out there, but it's not complicated.

we tested LOVEStv playback

Once the program we want to see is located, we click on it. We will have three options available: Close menu, See now and More information. This last option will offer us information about the program in question. And if we click on "See now" the program will start.

We have tested the service with several programs and the truth is that the load is quite fast . As is logical, it will depend on our Internet connection to have a smooth playback or with constant cuts.

we tried LOVEStv movie

Do we have available everything that is broadcast on the DTT channels? In principle it should be so. We have even tried to reproduce a movie broadcast a few days before and it worked without problems. As for playback, we can pause and rewind the program, but not forward .

Another very interesting option is the " See from the beginning ". If we want to see a program and we are late, through LOVEStv we can see it from the beginning simply by pressing the yellow button.

And, for now, these are the options offered by the LOVEStv platform. According to its creators, in the future these functionalities could be expanded. However, just being able to watch the shows from the last 7 days and being able to start the program from the beginning is worth having. And you, have you tried LOVEStv?