Wovie.tv, another alternative to Cuevana to watch free movies online

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In recent times, we have talked at length about the disappearance of certain services that allow users to enjoy watching movies and series in streaming . We speak, for example, of the case of SeriesPepito or Series.ly , in which case their sudden disappearance greatly outraged users who remained hooked on these streaming services . Fortunately, this world has an important machinery behind it. So much so that in a short time new alternatives have emerged to compensate for the losses. One of the most interesting and that we have discovered in recent times is Wovie.tv. The service in question is distinguished by two very important characteristics: first, that the films offered are of high quality, which is greatly appreciated when choosing one service or another; second, that Wovie.tv does not include advertising , something even less common on sites of this nature.

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Another thing we like about Wovie.tv: the clarity and ease of use of the site. To start enjoying watching movies and your favorite series, you just have to access the page in question and check the updated list of available movies and series . In addition to seeing the latest news on this particular billboard, you will have the opportunity to filter the search for new titles according to genre (drama, action, comedy, romance, adventure, horror, thriller, fantasy or crime), with the year premiere or simply by clicking on the Most viewed or Most voted buttons. In addition, if you prefer, you can also access a very easy-to-use search engine, in which you will have to enter the title of the film, the director or the actors. You will see that a list corresponding to your search soon appears before you . And if entering this data still does not obtain conclusive results, you can access a more advanced search to refine the parameters.

Finally, if you are one of those who have real problems deciding, you also have the option of seeing the score given to the film from the IMDb service , the most complete cinema database that exists on the Internet.

When you find the movie that interests you, you just have to click on the cover of it. Below you will see a small synopsis and the technical sheet to decide if you are finally interested in seeing that movie or not. Either way, all you have to do is click on the Play button for playback to start . Remember before choosing in which language you want to see it, because in most cases there are multiple options that adapt to the tastes and needs of almost all audiences. You can also select if you want to see it in a basic quality or if you prefer HD.

In our opinion and as a negative note, there are quite a few titles and recent releases that should already be available. Luckily, if the title you're wanting to see isn't in the catalog, you can ask the Wovie.tv team of contributors to add it . You will not have to register and you will have the option to see all the movies you want, totally free.