The best-selling phones in history are from Nokia

NOKIA 1110 01

Have you ever wondered what the best-selling phones in history are? Well, someone has done the same, making a small list in which we see the names of the main terminals on the planet: those that have been commercialized the most during all these years in which mobile telephony has advanced prominently. According to data recently extracted from Wikipedia , the most current online encyclopedia, the most marketed mobile phones are the following: Nokia 1100, Nokia 1110, Nokia 1200, Nokia 3210, Nokia 5230, Nokia 2600 and Nokia 1600 . These are seven mobile phones that have had completely extensive sales between the years 1999 to 2010 , before thedefinitive rise of smart mobile phones. Do not forget, at this point, that the best-selling mobile phones on the planet are still Nokia's in its most basic range. The era of smartphones has not yet brought about a radical change in the trend of buyers.

Nokia 1200 01

The Nokia 1100 is a classic in the Nokia catalog , with a whopping 250 million units sold worldwide. It is followed by the Nokia 1110 , a phone of which up to 150 million units have been distributed . It is clear that we are facing true best sellers that triumphed at a time when Nokia was one of the main brands in vogue . Who does not remember the Nokia 1200 , or the Nokia 3210 ? The latter, along with the first and other terminals such as the Nokia 5230 , became the phone that was in almost every pocket. In fact, years later many remember theNokia 3210 with love, since it was a phone that stood out especially for being especially durable over time. Other phones like the Nokia 2600 and Nokia 1600 have also become best sellers with a total of 135 million units distributed across the globe. We are currently facing obsolete devices for which we cannot save anything other than nostalgia .

nokia 2600

The introduction of the first entry-level and high-end smartphones has not generated a change in these listings. In fact, the best-selling phones are still the simplest, so it will be quite difficult to climb positions until you reach the dizzying numbers that we transcribe. It is very possible that until a few years from now, when most users decide to switch to smart mobile telephony, these terminals will not disappear from the eternal list. Neither the iPhone , nor the most advanced Nokia devices nor the large Samsung terminals have managed to climb positions. It must be taken into account, in fact, that one of the main obstacles is still the price: a phone with these characteristics can cost around 500 or 600 euros in free format , a price that many users are not willing to assume.

The truth is that at this point, the only thing that has not changed is the leadership of Nokia , a company that continues to be in the first ranks thanks to the sale of simple mobile phones. And the fact is that users continue to prefer the telephone of a lifetime, although little by little the devices are introducing small changes typical of a smartphone : a touch screen (even if it is small), the possibility of connecting to the Internet in an agile way or the ability to take photos of more or less quality. Reasons directly related to the global economic situation have also had an impact on a new launch of simpler mobile phones such as the Asha series., initially designed for emerging markets, but presented - through a change in strategy - in the vast majority of markets , including Spain.