How to reduce the size of your videos without losing quality

How to reduce the size of your videos without losing quality

The world of video editing is more in vogue than ever. Creating and editing videos is becoming a vital content and promotion strategy to gain visibility and promote our personal brand. In fact, you just have to look on the Internet (or YouTube more specifically) to see the number of content creators that currently exist.

However, either because we do not have unlimited storage capacity, or because various platforms and social networks limit the size when uploading certain video files, it never hurts to know how to reduce their weight without losing quality . A video that is too heavy can cause a lot of problems, so better have a solution in hand.

Therefore, we bring you a series of tips and tools so that you do not have to break your head looking for impossible solutions and without having to leave a single euro in the attempt. That said, let's go with this tutorial.


Tips to consider

Before we get into the matter, it is highly advisable that you ignore a series of recommendations if you want to avoid compressing a file. These tricks will help you to reduce the size of an already created video, using the same editors with which you have created the video.

Choose the right format: there are  a lot of different video formats , but if we talk about light formats, it is better that you resort to the conversion in MPEG-4, DivX or AVI. Especially if you want to broadcast over the Internet.

Video length: the more footage, the larger the video size. The decision you make on this aspect will directly affect the content you want to develop . Therefore, it is vital that you analyze well which scenes are dispensable and which are not.

Files with or without audio: incorporating an audio track into a video will mean a considerable increase in the final size . Think if it is really something that you are going to need, since, if not, it is highly recommended to avoid it.



Today, thanks to the Internet, we can reduce the weight of a video without having to  install anything on our PC , through only the web browser. It is true that, although there are many services to compress video, many of them are not free. And if they were, the vast majority add watermarks or some other type of limitation.

But if it is something specific, there are also numerous websites that give you the possibility of  converting online, quickly and easily . Most of these sites are free, but some can be extremely slow, bombard you with advertising, or add watermarks to your videos.

We started with Videosmaller, an online video converter (and free) with which we can easily reduce the size of our videos. The first thing we have to do is choose the file we want to upload. Next, we choose between the formats that it gives us to choose:  MP4, AVI, MPEG and MOV .

Another option that we can choose is the scaling of the videos, with a wide variety of formats to choose from . Finally, we also have the possibility to delete the audio track if we want.

Another option to take into account is Apowersoft, another free online  video converter that, in our opinion, is quite complete. With this tool, in addition to helping you with file compression, it also allows you to customize videos with a multitude of available functions . In addition, it is compatible with most mobile devices.

With this tool, you can convert video from 144P to 1080P, as well as save special output sizes (16: 9, 4: 3, 3: 2, etc.). Another of its great advantages is its high conversion speed .

Chimpchamp is another highly recommended video converter. With it, we can convert any video file in practically any size, format and input resolution , from 240p to 4K. Regarding the output formats, it allows converting to MP4, WebM, ASF (WMV) or FLV.

As if that were not enough, in addition to some editing tools, it also offers you a  batch input option , although you need to install an extension for Chrome. Of course, in order to use some of its functions, you will have to subscribe to the payment option.



Although there are online tools to reduce the size of a video, it is always more advisable to use specific editing software that gives us more possibilities and that allows us to easily lower the size of a file.

One of which we recommend is Filmora9. This free download program allows you to reduce the size of your video using different parameters such as resolution, transfer rate, frames per second, as well as conversion to other formats or by cutting some segments of the video that you don't like.

One very important thing to keep in mind, and hence our recommendation, is that this program allows you to reduce the size of a video while preserving its audio and video quality .

It is also worth taking a look at Movavi, another versatile and very easy-to-use video editing software that is available for both Windows and Mac. Although you can download it for free, its Premium version is paid and includes some of the most interesting functions.

However, both versions offer a great quality and variety of solutions for a compression free of scares . Another noteworthy point, the program allows us to know the final quality of the video according to the weight you want for the file, even before starting to compress.

Movavi's conversion algorithm is very fast, with the possibility of converting between more than 180 different multimedia formats (AVI, MKV, MOV, among others). You will save a lot of disk space, since it is compressed to the maximum maintaining the same quality, even with the highest resolutions, such as HD or ultra HD videos.