will remove all its links due to the Intellectual Property Law

Series-ly-03 , the famous page of links for downloading and viewing movies and online series, has announced through an official statement on its website that it will remove all links that do not comply with the recent reform of the Intellectual Property Law (LPI ) . Despite " not agreeing with either the content or the form" , the company has decided to only leave the links that lead to legal platforms.

The LPI, which will come into force on January 1, 2015, establishes penalties of up to 600,000 euros and sentences of up to six years in prison for websites whose main activity is to facilitate access to pirated content. As many of you already know, works in a similar way to a social network, where users, who currently number five million , share audiovisual content . In an organized way, network clients can recommend any file within the page to their friends. Likewise, they are marked as " seen", The chapters or films that have already been viewed, or as" pending ", those that you want to see in the future.

As stated in the statement, the portal will remain open for those users who want to read reviews or recommend content , among other functions. Until now, it had a catalog of 24,715 series files , 175,224 films, 23,679 documentaries and 4,833 television programs , all of them added by its user base.

"It seems to us that this law is written from the ignorance of the Internet , a medium that is transforming access to information and the relationship between citizens and power," says . The company points out the ambiguity that exists about what the LPI implies , which  explicitly excludes search engines from any responsibility , although these are the “main pages that link to content without rights”.


In addition, the statement recalls that the platform has fed visits in a decisive way to all the agents who have appeared with an offer of content with rights in recent years in Spain , adding all the available offer for the benefit of the community. Thus, it points out that the links of the main legal platforms, such as,,, or have stood out , generating visits to these websites.

Likewise, has promptly responded to the 132 requests to remove content for infringement of rights that it has received since the company was founded in 2011 , removing more than 12,000 links and, even, blocking the upload of links to content for which Currently, there is no offer in Spain .

Another point to keep in mind is that only 40% of the episodes of the most watched series in Spain are being distributed in our country. For example, Game of Thrones , one of the most popular series in the world, can only be seen online on Yomvi , which has only the first four chapters of the last season . points out that, taking into account the seriality of this type of content, it is logical to think that consumers will look for a way to get to the remaining chapters.

The company has proposed to initiate a dialogue between the Internet industry and the administration to "develop future models that respond to current challenges . " However, we do not know if this agreement you are talking about will come to fruition, since there are many obstacles that it has to overcome.