AXN on DTT, how to watch it and how much does it cost


Gol TV is no longer only within the landscape of digital terrestrial pay television , which is now called Premium DTT . The 200,000 channel subscribers are in luck. During the next four months, they will be able to enjoy the contents of the AXN channel for free . Unfortunately this new channel occupies the place where Sony Entertainment Television was until now , on VEO TV . The ill-thought-out are convinced that it is nothing more than a last-minute strategy of the Mediapro production company , to avoid the massive disbandmentwhich usually occurs on pay television during the summer months. The candy from an extra free channel would make subscribers hold their ground.

Gol TV followers , who are already in possession of the card, do not need to do anything else to enjoy this new content from AXN . Until August 31, of course. Whoever wants to follow the thread of their favorite series on the Sony channel , will have to pay two euros per month from September 1 , which is added to the 16.90 euros plus VAT that GolTV costs , although the truth is that they can follow the channel also on other platforms. AXN is available on satellite through Digital + , on ADSL with Imagenio, Orange TV, Superbanda, and Jazztelia, and in various cable operators.

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If AXN (Action eXtreme chaNnel) is characterized by something , it is for its quality content, both in the field of series and in premiere cinema. This season, it has premiered productions such as El Filántropo or Escudo Humano , while continuing to exclusively broadcast the new CSI New York installments . With a history of 11 years in Spain , it has been on the list of the preferred channels of pay TV viewers. In any case, countless viewers wonder why it has had to occupy the channel where until now there was an offer of free content, with that of channels that are plagued with bland television stores .

And it is that the followers of Dr. Mark Sloan , founding member along with Mrs. Fletcher of the brotherhood of the "hand of death", are in mourning. The same can be said of all those who followed the adventures of Gary Hobson , the only human being who receives the next day's newspaper every day and does not rush out to fill a pool or buy shares. Orphans are Malcom and Eddie's colleagues , or the admirers of Sue Thomas , the deaf FBI agent. SET returns under its jurisdiction, to payment platforms. Now they will only be able to see the channel, whose contents are not exactly new, those that support Digital +, Imagenio, ONO and other platforms.