How to use two Facebook accounts at the same time on mobile

facebook two accounts

Say you bring your personal account on Facebook and your company 's account . Or that of a friend , or that of someone who has asked or paid you to take it and get more followers, likes, comments and more . Or an account for your partner and another to do things with loose morals . What do you do? Do you constantly go in and out with one and the other? Do you end up taking two mobiles everywhere ? Do you use one on your mobile and another on your computer? Crazy right? Well, read on if you want to know how to do it comfortably, from the same mobile and without dying trying. Or what is better,without getting confused and publishing what you shouldn't in one or the other .

The idea is really simple. So much so that you may not know how simple it is: use two Facebook applications . And how can I do that? You may wonder ”¦ well simple: using the two applications of the social network . Yes, Facebook has two applications for Android mobiles , this way you don't have to juggle to use two different accounts on the same mobile. All you have to do is install both apps and assign an account to each of them . The downside is that one of these applications is somewhat different . The good news is that they both do the same things . Follow these steps to learn how to use two accounts at the same time.

two facebook accounts

The first thing is to download both applications . On the one hand there is the usual Facebook tool . It is the same as always. Just go to Google Play Store and get it, if you don't have it yet. Then it only remains to choose which account is going to be used in it . Keep in mind that this is the usual tool, possibly the one you know best how to use, so decide if you want to have your personal environment here or better that of the secondary account for greater comfort.

On the other hand there is Facebook Lite . For those who do not know, here is a little history. Facebook , in its desire to conquer the world and reach users all over the planet , saw fit to create an application for less smart phones . That is, those devices that in 2015 arrived in emerging markets with features such as screens without high resolution, not very powerful processors and a bare-bones RAM memory . In addition, she also thought about the Internet connections in those countries and their slowness. To prevent increasing the digital divide, he developed an application for Androidwith the same possibilities but consuming very few resources. The result was Facebook Lite , which due to its good reception also ended up reaching all markets through the Google Play Store .

two facebook accounts

In the same way, you just have to download the application regularly and install it. As it is a different application, Facebook Lite offers the same registration process, in this case you can use another of the accounts you want to keep.

Some notes

Facebook Lite has the same possibilities as Facebook , although it simplifies everything to the maximum. In this way , wall images, profile photos, and other graphic representations may lose a lot of detail . The idea is to use the least amount of Internet data and the least amount of RAM memory possible. That is why the images and content are not displayed at their maximum resolution, unless they are clicked.

Likewise, the self - reproduction of the video is paused by default. You need to click on them to decide if you want to load and play them .

two facebook accounts

In general, its use is simple but it loses in visual quality and maybe something in comfort. Therefore, it may be the best option for a personal account, where you can see the details only of what really interests you.

Both apps are unrelated , allowing you to use different accounts on the same service at the same time . In addition, the contents will not be related if they are shared in one or the other. Yes, both have access to information from mobile , ie contacts, photos and videos stored in the terminal. Thus, it can be dangerous to prevent certain photos from ending up on the account you are carrying , although it is also convenient to do everything from the same mobile. The trick is to have a good organization.