How to clear YouTube history on computer and mobile

How to delete YouTube history on computer and mobile

YouTube is the most used video platform in the world. Millions of users enter every day to watch their favorite videos, or even upload their own content to the platform. A small drawback is that all our activity is registered, so it is very easy for someone to spy on our activity. We explain how to delete YouTube history on computer and mobile to improve your privacy.

There can be many reasons why we do not want them to spy on our activity on YouTube. From work reasons, students who live in shared flats with fellow jokers and many others, because after all, if you want to spend the weekend watching videos of cute kittens, it's up to you and nobody else's . There are even countries where watching YouTube videos can be considered a crime, it seems incredible that we are in the 21st century.

In any case, deleting your browsing history on YouTube is very simple , and with it no one will be able to know what you have been seeing in your enlightening solitude.

Clear YouTube history on your PC

First of all, we see the necessary steps to delete YouTube history from the web browser of your desktop or laptop PC. The first step will be to access your Google account as you normally do.

Once you have done that, enter the menu in the form of three lines in the upper right corner of the screen. Now go into the " History " section . There you can find all your activity on the Google video platform, undoubtedly information that you will want to protect at all costs.

Clear YouTube history on your PC 2

Click on " Clear browsing data " and a new window will appear asking you the time interval of the data you want to delete. Click on "Clear data" and you will see how all the data from your browsing on YouTube and other Internet pages disappear.

Clear YouTube history on your PC 3

Clear YouTube history on your PC 4

Clear YouTube history on your smartphone or tablet

We now go to see the steps you need to take to delete YouTube history in the application of your Android smartphone.

The first thing is to open the application and log in if you have not done it before. After that, look for the menu in the upper right with your avatar.

Clear YouTube history on your smartphone or tablet 1

Now go to the " Settings " section and look for the " History and advertising " section. Its location may vary slightly depending on the version of the application you have installed, but you will surely find it right away.

Once inside, you will see the options to erase the history. You will also see two buttons to stop YouTube from storing data related to your use of the platform. If you activate them, you will forget about having to erase and history every time, something that can be very practical.

Finally, click on Clear playback and search history to delete all your browsing data within YouTube. From now on it will be much less dangerous to leave your smartphone within the reach of the rest of the people around you.

If you are an iPhone user and its iOS operating system, the procedure is very similar to the one we have shown you for Android. the only difference is that once inside "History" you will find a button in the form of a trash can to delete all the stored information. You should have no problem finding it.

This is all you need to do to maintain more privacy within YouTube, we hope it will be very useful.