▷ 20 Windows 10 tricks to improve the performance of your PC

tricks to speed up windows 10 and improve pc performance

Windows 10 is the most used operating system in the world. This is because it works efficiently both on powerful computers and on computers from a few years ago. Unfortunately, this is not always the case, which is why we are forced to resort to tricks to improve PC performance. Fortunately they exist. A few weeks ago we showed you how to enter safe mode in Windows 10, and this time we have made a compilation of what in our point of view are the twenty best tricks to speed up Windows 10 . Compatible with both computers with solid hard drives (SSD) and mechanical (HDD).

Uninstall the antivirus and opt for Windows Defender

windows defender-min-min

No, this is not a joke. Currently Windows Defender is one of the best free antivirus for Windows. In addition, because it is fully integrated with the system, the expenditure on resources is sometimes much lower than that of other third-party options  that usually occupy a large part of the processor and RAM.

The best thing for this is to choose to uninstall all traces of the antivirus that we have installed on the PC .

Defragment the hard drive if we don't have an SSD

Defragment disk

Nothing better than installing an SSD in our current computer to improve the performance of Windows 10. Unfortunately, this is not always possible, either due to hardware limitations (outdated SATA, limited bays ...) or other reasons. If this is our case, the best way to lighten the weight of the mechanical hard drive that we have installed is to defragment it.

To do this, we will write the word Defragment in the Windows search bar. Then, we will open the tool with the same name and select the disk that we have installed (usually corresponds to Drive C). Finally we will click on Optimize and the system will automatically defragment the disk sectors . This process can take several hours, and it is recommended to do it every three or four weeks.

Check if we have any viruses or malware with Malwarebytes


Sometimes Windows Defender may not be enough to protect Windows 10. That is why resorting to specialized programs like MalwareBytes to find malware that slows down your computer is a good practice for anyone who is concerned about the integrity of their computer.

Since it has a free 14-day trial, we can use it to clean our computer from the latest malware . Once it is clean, we will uninstall it so as not to reduce Windows performance.

Keep the desktop as clean as possible

clean desktop-min-min

This is not any advice from a brother-in-law. A Desktop with a multitude of files hosted on it slows down not only the login, but also the response time. This is due to the fact that the Explorer.exe process loads in memory all that element that is in our Desktop to facilitate its opening.

A good practice to lighten the Desktop is to delete any unnecessary shortcut, folder or program that we have hosted in it and opt for other places such as the taskbar or the start menu.

… And the Recycle Bin

The Recycle Bin can become a heap of garbage and deleted files. Emptying its content can improve the performance of the hard disk by eliminating elements that we no longer want on our computer.

Free up space with the Windows 10 Disk Cleanup tool

space liberator windows 10-min-min

One of the coolest new features Microsoft introduced to Windows 10 was Disk Cleanup. Thanks to this, we can erase all the garbage from the system that slows down our computer with a single mouse click which,

To do this, we will type in the search bar 'Disk Cleanup'. We will then open the tool and click on the Clean system files button. Once all the Windows 10 files appear, we will select the ones we want to delete to increase disk space. Finally we will give OK so that all the files are deleted from the system.

Uninstall programs that we no longer use

It may seem obvious, but the truth is that there are not a few people who store dozens of programs that they have only used once. Since the greater the amount of space occupied on the disk, the worse performance this will offer, the best thing to speed up access is to uninstall all those programs that we do not use . We can always use an external hard drive to save them off the system.

Delete all pre-installed Windows 10 apps

The latest version of Microsoft's system has a fairly high number of pre-installed applications. Skype, Candy Crush Saga, Xbox and so on . Worst of all, these don't show up in the traditional Control Panel. To find them we will have to go to the Applications and Features program that we will find by typing the same name in the Windows search bar.

Once inside, we will see a complete list of applications installed both by Windows 10 and by ourselves. We will uninstall everything we do not use (Weather, Calendar, Contacts ...).

Turn off visual effects and animations in Windows 10


One of the most useful and effective tricks to improve Windows 10 performance and speed up system without SSD. The visual effects of windows, tabs and menus cause a strong impact on computers with few resources. Fortunately, we can easily disable them by resorting to the Advanced System Settings , which can be found in the System section by right-clicking on the Windows Start icon.

When we are in the Advanced configuration of the system we will go to the Advanced options section and then to Performance . Finally we will click on Settings and now a window with a multitude of visual effects should appear within Visual Effects.

To accelerate Windows 10 we will have to uninhabited a good part of these.

Adjust virtual memory in Windows 10

If you have recently noticed that once opened programs take time to respond to your actions, it may be due to the hard drive cache, or as Microsoft calls it, “virtual memory”. Fixing this problem is as simple as increasing the virtual memory based on the RAM that we have available on our computer.

To do this, we will go back to the Advanced System Configuration section and the Advanced Options subsection. Then we will click on Performance and the same window will appear as in the previous section, however, the option that interests us is Advanced Options .

Finally, we will click on Virtual Memory and a window like the one we can see just above the first paragraph will appear. To adjust the virtual memory of the hard disk, we will deactivate the option to Automatically manage the paging file and select our local hard disk (usually Drive C). In Custom size the formula to enter the correct values ​​is the following:

  • Initial size : 1.5 times the amount of RAM in MB that we have installed (for example, 4,000 MB x 1.5 = 6,000 MB)
  • Maximum size : 3 times the amount of RAM in MB that we have installed (for example, 4,000 MB x 3 = 12,000 MB)

Disable Windows 10 Cortana completely

disable cortana windows 10-min-min

Cortana is one of the causes, along with many other factors, that our computer is slow. This is because the assistant is constantly listening to receive our orders through the microphone.

Since Microsoft has blocked its deactivation from the Windows settings, the only feasible method is through the Windows Registry , which is accessed by typing Regedit in the search bar.

Once inside, we will go to the following route:

  • Computer \ HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ PolicyManager \ current \ device \ Experience

Next, we will change the value of the AllowCortana file to 0 . Finally we will restart the system and Cortana will have been completely deactivated. In the event that neither the folder nor the file in question appears, we will have to create them manually.

Disable unnecessary Windows 10 services

disable windows 10-min-min services

Windows 10 runs a multitude of services at the same time to ensure the integrity of the system. Unfortunately, some of these services are not necessary for the proper functioning of Windows.

To deactivate them, we will have to execute the command services.msc through the Execute application that we can find by putting the name of the program in the Windows search bar. Next we will be shown a list of services similar to the one we can preside over in the first paragraph.

Given that the number of services exceeds one hundred, the best way to find the necessary services is to read the description of each of these (for example, Telephony, Smart Cards ...). If we believe that they will not affect the performance of the computer, we will disable them by right clicking on them and selecting Stop. To prevent them from starting at Windows startup, we will have to click on Properties and choose Startup Type Disabled.

… And disable Windows 10 processes that we don't need

finish task windows 10-min-min

As with services, Windows executes a multitude of processes instantly for their correct operation. Again some of these processes are, for the most part, unnecessary for the system.

If we want to disable them, we will have to go to the Task Manager , which is accessed by right-clicking on the bottom bar of Windows. Then a window will appear with all the processes ordered according to their impact on the CPU, RAM, hard disk and so on. It is advisable in this case to sort them by hard disk and CPU .

Finally we will close all the processes that we think are unnecessary by right clicking on them and giving End task .

Remove Windows 10 Startup programs

speed up windows 10-min-min startup

When we start our computer with Windows, the system loads a series of programs that it considers important, either because we have configured them manually like this or because they belong to Microsoft. This causes the startup to be much slower, especially if we have a traditional mechanical hard drive.

To find all these programs, we will go back to the Windows 10 Task Manager. This time, the section that interests us is the Start section . There we will see a series of programs that will start when we start - worth the redundancy - Windows.

Disabling them is as simple as right-clicking and selecting Disable .

Speed ​​up Windows 10 startup


Another trick to speed up Windows 10 startup is to change the power plan to activate an option often little known to users.

This option can be found by right clicking on the Windows icon (that is, the Start icon) and selecting the Power Options option . Then, we will click on the option of Additional power settings and a new window will appear with the name of Power options. Later we will give you to Choose the behavior of the start and shutdown buttons and then to change the currently unavailable settings.

Finally we will give Activate quick start and Apply . We can restart the computer to test that it will now work much faster at startup.

Uninstall Google Chrome from Windows 10 and all its extensions

Google Chrome is a devourer of RAM, especially if we open several windows at the same time. Also its extensions are beasts when it comes to managing RAM. This is the reason why using other browsers such as Microsoft Edge or Mozilla Firefox is always a better option than using Google's browser.

Install portable programs

Surely you have ever heard of portable programs. They are programs that do not need to be installed on the computer, and once we delete the executables they will disappear forever. If we want to install programs such as Photoshop, GIMP, VLC or any other application for Windows, it is best to write the name of the program and "portable" in Google .

Thanks to this we will avoid installing heavy programs on our computer, with the consequent loss of performance and space that this entails. We can also transfer them to a pendrive or hard drive to run them from there.

Restore Windows 10 to format the system without losing files

If none of the above has worked, then it is time to format your computer. Thanks to the Restore option that Windows 10 incorporates, it will not be necessary to install the system from a USB or lose files stored on the hard drive. In this article on how to format Windows 10 without losing files we explain how to do it step by step.

Install an SSD hard drive

The improvement that an SSD disk can bring to our computer exceeds that of any of the methods that we have just explained. Currently the offer is immense, and it is possible to find 240 GB units for less than 40 euros .

In many YouTube channels we can learn to install it on our computer without too many complications.

… And increase RAM

As with the hard disk, RAM is one of the most important components of the computer, especially if we are used to handling a multitude of programs at the same time.

On eBay and Amazon we can find 4 and 8 GB RAM modules for less than 30 and 50 euros respectively. The installation process is even simpler than that of the hard disk.