Where to buy textbooks and school supplies for the 2020/21 academic year?

Where to buy textbooks and school supplies for the 2020/21 academic year?

Going back to school for this 2020/21 academic year will not be easy. All the autonomous communities have their own plan for the return and although on paper everything looks very clear, the practice promises to get complicated. And a lot. Even so, it is advisable to collect all the necessary school supplies, as well as the books assigned to each course. If this is your case, it is most likely that you are already preparing the return to buy everything.

If you have several children, things get even more complicated. Because the cost of books and material is not exactly affordable. To help you with this when you go back to school, below we will propose a series of pages and online stores from which you can purchase the material and books for the return to the classroom. In addition, we will indicate if you can get discounts, access previously configured lists or even obtain vouchers to buy the cheapest material.



The first thing we are going to recommend is a price comparator , specifically designed for textbooks. It's OKBooks. It is a very practical tool, with which you can check in which store to get the cheapest books. We recommend, of course, to take into account the price of shipping costs. Most online stores offer free shipping costs if you buy for a certain amount, so if you finally buy the books in different stores, it may be that in the end the discount has not helped you at all, but rather the opposite.

Click on the Search for books button and then enter the ISBNs of the books you need . What is the ISBN? The ISBN (International Standard Book Number) is a 10 to 13 digit number that uniquely identifies books. Thus, thanks to this code we can find the book we need. Bear in mind that, depending on the publisher and the volume, there may be different versions of the same textbook.

You can enter them the one of all the books you need. Then, click on the button Search Books and Add and Compare prices . You will see which stores are cheaper for you and, if you finally decide to buy on Amazon, you can do it from here.

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Amazon is the quintessential book store, so you can buy them directly here. You can search the list of books for your school and academic year (if you prefer not to type all the ISBNs, which if the list is very long it can be a real nuisance) and then order the purchase instantly. If you have Amazon Prime, you will benefit from free shipping, regardless of whether the order arrives whole or in parts (sometimes not all books are available from departure). In the event that the books are not correct, you can return them up to 30 days after receiving them.

An interesting advantage: in addition to getting them at the best possible price (Amazon usually has the most competitive prices) you will have the option of getting a 10 euro gift voucher . Thus, if you buy more than 90 euros in Primary and Secondary books, you will get a promotional code to get other free products. They will have to be from the Ready-to-Class Store, which Amazon sells within the Office and Stationery, Fashion, Backpacks and Computers categories. This discount can be redeemed on purchases until October 31, 2020.

Amazon can come in handy if in addition to buying books you need material, because here you will find everything from notebooks, colors and crayons to computers and tablets, including backpacks, clothing and sports shoes.

House of the book

House of the book

At Casa del Libro the operation is very simple. As with the rest of the services mentioned, here you will have to add the ISBNs of the textbooks you need and then click on the Buy your textbooks button . In this case, what they guarantee here is the minimum price and the possibility of returning the books if they are not correct, up to 15 days after starting the course. Although it is difficult for you to make a mistake if you have entered the code that we indicate correctly.

What will you get? Well, they will ship to you in just a day or two and you can buy them online and pick them up at your bookstore. This way it is more practical and you avoid queues and waiting. If you buy the books with them, they will offer you a 10% discount that you can redeem on future purchases of the following items: school agendas, notebooks, notebooks and Tagus eReaders. Of course, only until October 7.



Abacus also has its own textbook sales section. From here you can perform a search by book or school (so, if your educational center has uploaded the list, it will not be necessary to consult book by book) and order them directly. What interests you about Abacus? The membership price (if you are) and that for the purchase of your primary or secondary school textbooks until September 15 they give you up to 10 euros to buy stationery and crafts.

You will receive three vouchers by email of 3, 5 and 10 euros to redeem for minimum purchases of 25, 35 and 60 euros , respectively. In addition, if you need it, they can divide the purchase without interest. As long as it is for an amount greater than 100 euros. In principle the postage is free and you can return the books until 15 after the school year has started.

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Carrefour offers the sale of textbooks, although it may be a bit more cumbersome to find them on its website. In any case, you can be sure that here you will find practically everything you need. Simply use the search engine to enter the ISBN of the book or filter by the parameters that you see in the image (course, subject and publisher). Interesting things about Carrefour : that you can make the reservation via WhatsApp and then go to the physical store to pick them up. You can also do it via email or print the application and take it to your usual establishment.

You should know, on the other hand, that the purchase can be financed in three months . You will also get a discount of 10 euros to spend on future purchases and always on school supplies, computers and textiles. It will come in handy if you were planning to buy any of these products in this hypermarket.

English court

The English Court

Well, El Corte Inglés is a classic in textbooks and back to school in general. Here you can also find them, simply by searching the books by ISBN. Although its system also recognizes photos and PDF from the list you have. In this case, returns are allowed until October 15 and a 5% is given away for the purchase of textbooks and an additional 10% for future purchases, provided they are uniforms, children's fashion, shoes, backpacks, stationery and toys . In both cases, until September 30. The promotional amounts are sent to the email after the order has been placed. There is also the possibility of financing the purchase through the financial company of El Corte Inglés, but you will have to bear the interest.


Buying second-hand textbooks

One thing is very clear: textbooks are very expensive. If you also have several children, it is most likely that the September slope will become even harder. What can you do? Well, one solution is to buy second-hand textbooks. You have several stores to go to. One of the most popular is Relibrea. It is clear that you will not find them all here, but you can try it in different places and, if it cannot be, finally opt for the new textbooks. We have found books from 4 euros. Also, if you want to earn money to get this year's textbooks, you can sell yours that you no longer need.

BolsaBooks is another website where you can buy second-hand textbooks. This is a specifically academic bookstore, so you are much more likely to find what you are looking for. You can do a search by ISBN or by title , if you prefer. You can get savings of up to 85% on the purchase of textbooks and at all educational levels. Because you can find everything from elementary to high school books or even university manuals.

Another highly recommended option is Librosdetexto.net. The search is as comfortable and practical as that of any store, so it will not be difficult to find the list of books you need. You can enter the entire list and thus quickly discard those books that have not been located and you can look at them elsewhere. Once located, you can check the status and decide if you keep it or not: Acceptable, Good, Very New or Like New. In this case, you also have free shipping costs for purchases over 19 euros.


Second hand reading books

It is clear that reading books can be purchased at any of the stores mentioned above. But if you want to save, we recommend that you access IberLibro directly. If you've never used it, you should know that this is a second-hand book market that brings together bookstores from all over Spain. This means that it will be very easy to locate a book. We have tested the service and it works in an agile and correct way. P ou can get books at affordable prices and in good condition, saving a good peak in the acquisition.