Pyramid Solitaire Saga, play the classic solitaire on Facebook

pyramid solitaire saga 01

Since the arrival of the first operating systems of Microsoft Windows Solitaire is a game that has never been lacking in our computers , a simple game of cards while addictive whose main advantage offer fun for a single player. It has not stopped growing and offering new game modes, in addition to being launched on all types of platforms and systems, including the social network Facebook . From King Online Games comes the Pyramid Solitaire Saga game , which offers the possibility of playing solitaire with a more pyramidal system than the one known to all.

The pyramid solitaire system is very different from that seen in the classic Windows game , changing the staggered columns for small pyramids that we must remove from the table from the card we draw from the deck , always being higher or lower than the one we have and, depending on the game mode or difficulty, alternating the suit of the deck or the colors . The objective is to leave the table completely empty and reveal all the golden beetles that are in each level of the game, behind certain cards.

Within this card game there will be a small and simple plot , which consists of the adventurer Helena who seeks to locate the Golden Tomb, west of the Nile. During her trip she will suffer a plane crash, this being the beginning of her adventure, which It will consist at all times in the resolution of card pyramids through the mechanics explained above. We will not have a random scenario in this story mode, but we will have dozens of different scenarios to solve, each one more complicated.

Chance will also be a very important factor in this game , focused mainly on the distribution of the cards in the deck, from which we will draw a card whenever we get stuck when looking for a card that is the predecessor or successor of the current card. . The way and order in which we decide to eliminate the cards from the pyramids will also be something to take into account, since several of these cards will be special and will contain different secrets, such as golden scarabs, a key element in the game's history.

Also there will be a component "arcade" in this game as a descendant of the solo is focused mainly on the scores we get at each level, which depending on our speed to destroy the pyramids and chains consecutive cards that discard will get more or less points . As we advance in the game, new elements will appear such as jewels or point multipliers that will help us during Helena's adventure to solve with higher scores in each level.

If you like single player games that don't contain many social elements or if you simply like games like solitaire or similar, don't miss the opportunity to play Pyramid Solitaire Saga from your Facebook account, which already has more than six million active users.