Office 2010 hacked and ready to download on sharing networks


They have not taken long to make it available to the entire Internet community through P2P exchange networks . It is the new version of Microsoft Office 2010 , the same that the Redmond company intended to release shortly . With this, the hackers have managed to bypass the activation system to allow any of the programs that make up the Microsoft office suite to be used . The Office 2010 program in its RC Build 14.0.4734.1000 version is now downloadable through various P2P exchange networks completely free and ready to use.


The crackers have been responsible for pirating the software so that to use it, the user does not need any activation code . In this way, users who download the pirated version of the program that circulates on the P2P exchange networks , will be able to definitively use the office suite without having to obtain a number that guarantees the legality of the product . As if this were not enough, crackers have taken the opportunity to make the burdensome  trial periods and consequent expiration dates disappear from the map .

To crack the program, the authors of this pirated version have used files from a previously activated version along with others that belonged to the new version of Microsoft Office 2010 . Far from being intimidated, Microsoft has already indicated that its intention (after carrying out tests on Windows 7 in a public way) is to detect how hackers manage to hack programs , both operating systems and office suites. According to the Redmond's own version, the fact that Microsoft Office 2010 is already on the street could have helped the company to learn the crackers' tactics inside out. Here is the explanation.

Photo by: Sunfox