LG The Beast OK99, keys to this large speaker for parties

LG The Beast OK99, keys to this large speaker for parties

Your Expert RecommendedThe LG La Bestia OK99 speaker has a total power of 1,800 W with a 900 W 12-inch diameter subwoofer . It is specially designed for parties and events with friends and has several functions that guarantee fun: karaoke mode, DJ effects, etc.

Its main attraction is the LED lighting with multi-color effects , which offers red and blue lights and flare effects to add more atmosphere to the party. In addition, it can be easily transported thanks to the built-in handles.

LG's OK99 loudspeaker was presented at the IFA 2018 technology fair in Berlin , and can already be purchased in Spain for 500 euros.

A powerful speaker for parties: radio, karaoke, CDs and more

The OK99 from LG's “La Bestia” series has a total power of 1,800 W and is equipped with a large number of connections to be able to play music from different sources.

The speaker has a tray with a CD player compatible with WMA and MP3 , and two USB ports to listen to music stored on pendrives. In addition, it has auxiliary input and can reproduce the sound of LG smart TVs.

Music can also be played from the radio , since the speaker has an antenna and an FM tuner to find the preferred stations at all times.

The equipment also has a Bluetooth connection , which allows, for example, to send music mixes to the smartphone. You can also connect the speaker to other LG La Bestia sound equipment wirelessly, to distribute the sound in different spaces.

LG The Beast OK99 speaker design

The equipment measures 430 x 1054 x 400 millimeters and has handles for easy portability .

At the top we find the tray with a CD player and a Party Accelerator controller with which to manage the music that plays and the mixes.

And not to forget the 12-inch subwoofer , built into the speaker, which emits sound with a power of 900 W.


But the most striking thing about the design of the LG La Bestia OK99 is the multicolor LED lighting , perfect to set the scene for the party and accompany the sound and DJ effects that we use to animate the session.

With the LG Audio Bluetooth app, double white flash strips can be generated , combined with red and blue lighting in the corners for a disco lighting effect.

Speaker LG The Beast OK99

Power1,800 W (450 W x 2)
Subwoofer900 W
ConnectionsPortable input, Auxiliary L / R input, 2 mic inputs, 2 USB inputs, Auxiliary L / R input, Bluetooth
RadioFM antenna + FM radio tuner
Reading formatsMP3, CD MP3, CD WMA
CD1 tray for playing CDs
Internal memoryNot
Featured FeaturesAuto EQ, User EQ, DJ Effects, Auto DJ, DJ Scratch, USB Direct Recording, Bass Blast, Voice Effects, Echo Mode, Voice Canceller, Vocal Registration Change, Karaoke Mode, LG TV Sound Sync
illuminationMulticolor LED lights

Flash light on X-Shiny Woofer

Dimensions430 x 1054 x 400 mm
Remote controlRemote control

Controllable by app (with Bluetooth)

Release dateAugust 2018
Price500 euros

Karaoke and DJ mixing functions

In addition to the USB and auxiliary connections, the LG La Bestia OK99 speaker has two microphone inputs , which can be used to prepare a party in karaoke mode. An interesting addition is that of the vocal effects, with which the same person can interpret all the voices of a duet or a group.

LG The Beast OK99, keys to this large speaker for parties 1

The Karaoke Star function also allows you to remove the vocals from any song with the push of a button . And to successfully finish the most complicated songs, it is possible to modify the key of a song to suit the capabilities of each user.

LG's OK99 speaker incorporates numerous DJ and mixing functions, operated from the Party Accelerator controller: sound effects, scratching, loops, and mixing between songs are easily applied in just a few steps.

In the most intense moments of music, simply use the control wheels to activate and accelerate the lighting effects , add highlights and also speed up the rhythm of the music.

Multi Jukebox function, with three people controlling at the same time

The remote control of the LG La Bestia OK99 speaker can be done through a mobile application on the smartphone . But the most interesting thing is that up to three devices can be connected simultaneously.


The Multi Jukebox function allows three different people to be creating playlists, so the music is not interrupted at any time . To do this, it is only necessary to choose an available song in the list and add it to the playback queue.

A multipurpose speaker, also for watching TV

In addition to its main function as a party speaker, we can use the LG La Bestia OK99 to reproduce the sound from an LG smart TV . With this connection enabled, the speaker volume is controlled directly with the TV remote control.

The connection between the TV and the speaker can be made with an optical cable or wirelessly , via Bluetooth.

The Bluetooth connection also allows you to connect the device to other speakers via Wireless Party Link. In this way, surround sound is generated from various corners, both for parties and for enjoying high-quality audio when watching movies on TV.

Price and availability

The new OK99 loudspeaker from LG's “La Bestia” series can be purchased in Spain for about 500 euros . The product includes a remote control with two AAA batteries, the FM antenna and the basic user manual.


The only accessories that need to be purchased separately are the microphones , to be able to connect them to the speaker's micro ports and enjoy the karaoke functions and effects of changes in the voice tones.