Bose SoundLink Mini II

Bose SounLink Mini II

Bose has updated its compact portable wireless speaker with the introduction of a new model. This is the  Bose SoundLink Mini II , which incorporates as a novelty the hands-free function to answer calls, better autonomy and the possibility of recharging the battery through the USB connector . For the rest, the SoundLink Mini II continues to offer the same quality as its predecessor, still being a compact speaker, ideal to take with us on our outings or excursions, or simply to listen to music in any corner of our house without having to connect no cables. The new Soundlink Mini IIIt also includes a practical charging base that will make life easier when the battery runs out, and it also has an auxiliary audio input to connect any other player using a minijack cable. As an option, Bose offers attractive soft protective cases that are available in nine colors, as well as a practical carrying case. The new Bose SoundLink Mini II is now available, and its suggested retail price is 200 euros .

Bose SounLink Mini II


The design of the new SoundLink Mini II is very similar to the model it replaces, so few surprises in this regard with this new speaker. In addition, and as usual in the North American brand, our protagonist offers a sober and discreet appearance, especially for what is popular in the category of Bluetooth speakers , but that discretion also conveys the feeling that we are in front of a team of High quality. Still, if we want to brighten up the look of the SoundLink Mini II we can always turn to the highly recommended optional covers, which are available in nine colors that include shades as far removed from the Bose palette as pink or mint.

Moving on to the more specific details, the new  Bose SoundLink Mini II has dimensions of 18 centimeters wide by 5.10 high and 5.80 deep , and its weight is 0.67 kg . The front part is completely occupied by the typical protective grille for the speakers, while on the top panel we will find the control buttons. In addition to the button to turn the speaker on or off, we will find the volume controls, the Bluetooth selector and a multifunction button with which we can control the playback or activate the hands-free mode to make calls, in addition to other functions. For its part, the auxiliary audio input in minijack and the Micro-USB port they are both on the right side panel.

Bose SounLink Mini II


Turning to the audio quality, the first thing to do when testing a device with these characteristics is to assume that we cannot ask for a response comparable to that of a hi-fi system, of course. Now, Bose technicians have a lot of experience in getting great sound from small speakers, and the Soundlink Mini II does nothing but corroborate this claim. Thus, thanks to the application of the different patented technologies of the brand and the configuration of the speakers and sound radiators, this little Bose is capable of delivering powerful and deep bass and pleasant definition in the high frequencies, which translates into a truly remarkable performance when you consider the compact size of the Soundlink Mini II . It is undoubtedly one of the best options on the market when choosing a Bluetooth speaker .


In the chapter on connectivity, the main audio input of the SoundLink Mini II is of course the Bluetooth wireless port . To link the speaker with a compatible player, all you have to do is activate the link mode using the Bluetooth button and select the speaker on your smartphone , tablet or computer. As soon as the connection has been made, the speaker will notify us through a voice message that the process has concluded and that the speaker is linked to our player. By the way, it is possible to change the language of the voice messages so that we can perfectly understand the indications of the SoundLink Mini II. Once the devices are linked, all you have to do is activate the player to start listening to music. The system can memorize up to eight different players so that we do not have to link the equipment each time we want to use them and, like all Bluetooth systems , the range of the wireless connection is approximately nine meters .

The auxiliary audio input with a 3.5 mm minijack on the side panel will be used to connect any player that does not have Bluetooth , automatically activating as soon as the cable is connected. Continuing with the physical connections, the Micro - USB port will allow us to recharge the SoundLink Mini II battery , although for this the best and most practical thing will be to use the charging base included as standard. This base also has a USB input port , and we can use the same power supply as the speaker. In short, we can recharge the battery of the SoundLink Mini IIBy connecting it directly to the current or simply placing it on the practical charging base. And since we are talking about the battery, it is worth noting that the SoundLink Mini II can offer a range of up to ten hours of use , taking approximately three hours to fully recharge again.

Bose SounLink Mini II

One of the great novelties of the new SoundLink Mini II with respect to its predecessor is the possibility of using it as a hands-free paired with our phone. To do this, the speaker incorporates a microphone, and we can accept or end calls using the multifunction button on the top panel. If our phone is an iPhone, it is also possible to activate the Siri assistant from SoundLink itself without having to touch any button even for music, since the SoundLink will interrupt the audio playback as soon as we activate the hands-free mode or receive a call .

Bose SounLink Mini II


The Bose SoundLink Mini II comes standard with the charging base, power supply, and a cable USB of 1.5 meters . But if we want to complete our portable speaker kit,  Bose offers two interesting accessories for the SoundLink Mini II, as we have already mentioned above. The first is the protective soft case, which is priced at 25 euros and is available in nine different colors. Undoubtedly, an ideal accessory to add a touch of color to the speaker, as well as protect it from scratches or minor bumps. A travel case is also available, which costs 45 euros, and that obviously serves to transport the speaker more safely.

Bose SoundLink Mini II

ModelSoundLink Mini II
CategoryPortable speaker with Bluetooth, hands-free and charging base


Available coloursCoal


Speaker dimensionsHeight: 5.10 cm.

Width: 18 cm.

Depth: 5.80 cm.

Weight: 0.67 kg.

Charging base dimensionsHeight: 1.59 cm.

Width: 15.75 cm.

Depth: 5.10 cm.

Weight: 80 gr.

Wall charger dimensionsHeight: 6.10 cm.

Width: 4.80 cm.

Depth: 1.50 cm.

Cable length: 1.5 m.


Inputs / outputsAuxiliary audio input on 3.5 mm stereo minijack

Micro-USB port

Speaker details

Wireless range9 meters approx.
Battery duration10 hours approx.
Output power100-240V

Accessories and options

Box contentsSoundLink Mini II Bluetooth Speaker

Charging base

Wall charger


Optional gadgetsSounLink Mini Covers.

Available colors: Blue, Mint, Pink, Red, Gray, Navy, Energy Green, Deep Red, Charcoal Black

RRP 25EUR Mini SoundLink Travel Case.


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Release dateAvailable
Manufacturer's websiteBose

Price: 200 euros