How to check the return of income 2012

Income 2012

If you have already submitted your 2012 income tax return, two things may have happened to you: one, that you have to pay the resulting amount to the Treasury ; another, that when the accounts are settled, the Administration owes you money and, therefore, has to make the so-called "refund" effective . The State has up to six months to return the amount resulting from the rent, counting from the last day of the term to file the return: July 1 of this year 2013 . However, and if there is no problem, the Treasury respects the return period (if not, it would have to pay you the interest on late payment for the delay), soIf you are one of the first to make the declaration , it should not take more than one or two months to receive the amount in the account you have indicated, through a bank transfer . Luckily, for a while now, the Treasury has enabled an online service through which we will have the opportunity to check the state of our return.

To check your 2012 income return, follow these steps:

Income 2012 01

1) To check the status of your return, access the Tax Agency page and select the special section Income 2012 , a directory from which you can resolve any procedure related to the personal income tax return .

Income 2012 02

2) Once inside this section, you have it very easy. There is a section called Return consultation , within the Outstanding Procedures . Click on this section.

3) Now you will have to enter all your data. First, select the current exercise (2012) and enter the data: NIF / NIE and first surname.

4) Next, you will have to add any of the following information: the reference number of the income statement (you will find it on the cover of form 100 for the presentation of the return indicated as “File / Reference” . You can include Box 620 of the income tax return for 2012. Find this box on the return papers and enter it correctly , with the whole numbers in one box and the decimals, just after the comma, in another.

Remember that if you very recently filed the return , the status of the return may not appear yet. In that case, you will have to wait a few hours, the next day or the next business day , in case there are holidays in between. Be patient and wait for the Treasury to start processing the declaration.

If it is already recorded, you will be able to read any of the following statuses: the return is in the process of being recorded , it is recorded , pending or pending issuance of the return, or if the return has already been ordered . In that case, you should receive it shortly to the account that you have indicated in the declaration itself. If you wish, you can also check the status of your return by calling the automatic service 901 12 12 24 and indicating your data (DNI number of the first declarant and exact amount of the return).