▷ 60 YouTube videos on how to make SLIME without borax easy and fast

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The one known as “Slime” has flooded a good part of YouTube videos in 2018 and 2019. This trend has caused several thousand channels to upload their particular video on how to make homemade Slime. There are many variants of this same theme, and the way it is made is as disparate as it is simple. Edible Slime, Baking Soda Slime, Giant Slime, Fluffy Slime, One Ingredient Slime, Borax Free Slime and so on . As we already did with the Roast Yourself Challenge, we have compiled the best YouTube videos on how to make Slime easy and fast.

First of all, what is Slime and what is it for?

Slime is nothing more than an acronym to refer to what has historically been called blandiblú  (Blandi Blub) or gorilla mucus. This homemade toy is used to reduce stress and anxiety at specific times , and its use is widespread among children in different countries whose ages are between 4 and 13 years old.

slime with borax

Slime made with borax.

Regarding the composition of the homemade toy, it is made up of a kind of gelatin that can be made up of different ingredients, depending on the type of preparation. One of the most used ingredients is borax, a chemical compound derived from boron whose composition is highly toxic and can cause burns to the hands.

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Slime made without borax.

This is the reason why many channels have decided to withdraw the production of Slimes with this type of compound. Currently we can use materials such as contact lens liquids, Fairy, water, gel, egg and glue, among others .

From Tuexperto.com we recommend supervising the entire process under the watchful eye of parents to avoid possible poisoning.

How to make slime without borax

As we just mentioned, borax is a highly toxic compound. Following the notice of a multitude of health-related organizations, there are several channels that have published recipes to make slime without borax .

How to make homemade slime

For the preparation of Slime, ingredients that we rarely have at home are generally used. For this reason, several dozen YouTubers have started to create their Slimes with homemade and easily mixable products.

Again we will have to be careful , since some of these preparations include detergents, glues and glues.

How to make slime without glue

Glue is another of the ingredients most used for this type of preparation. Like borax, and depending on the composition and hardness of the glue, it can be quite toxic .

This is the reason why several of the most famous Youtubers have dared to launch their own proposals without this ingredient.

How to make slime with soap and detergent

Soap, along with glue, is usually one of the most commonly used ingredients to make Slime. The difference from this is that it is generally not toxic . It is precisely because of this that most Slime videos incorporate soap as the main ingredient.

How to make edible slime

Common Slime is not edible. Fortunately, we can imitate the texture of gelatin to please the little ones in the house. Edible Nutella slimes, marshmallows, sweets, dipper, bread, gum ... In short, practically any ingredient.

How to make Slime with an ingredient

Can you make Slime with a single ingredient? Science tells us yes, and so do Youtubers. Of course, its preparation will be somewhat more complex and expensive than the previous ones , as it does not have a chemical material that alters the density of the substance.

Other videos on how to make Slime

Since the elaboration of the Slime can vary according to the ingredient that complies it, we can find countless videos with a multitude of different ingredients. Eggs, flour, gel, water, glue stick, toothpaste, toilet paper ...

How to make Egg Slime

How to make Slime with modeling clay

How to make slime with glue stick

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