How to finance your purchases on Amazon and pay them in installments

How to finance your purchases on Amazon and pay them in installments

Amazon is the most important online store in the world. However, until now, it did not have a financing system integrated into the platform. We had the option of Fintonic, as we will see later, but now comes a new possibility. The online commerce giant has introduced interest-free financing in four months in Spain . It is called "Pay in 4" and can be requested in products ranging from an amount of 75 to 1,000 euros. Financing is offered by Cofidis. Do you want to know how it works? We are going to see how to finance our purchases on Amazon and pay them in installments.

How to finance a purchase on Amazon with Cofidis

The first thing we must bear in mind is that to finance our purchase it will have to be between 75 and 1,000 euros . Of course, it is not necessary that this amount be for a single product . We can finance purchases of a basket made up of multiple products that exceed the minimum quantity.

We must also bear in mind that the financed payment is not compatible with digital purchases, pre-sale product purchases or products without stock. It is also not compatible with purchases in which we are going to use a gift voucher. And, finally, to finance purchases it will be essential that we have an Amazon Prime account .

how to finance your purchases on Amazon and pay them in installments finance option

Now that we have clear the conditions, let's see how we can finance our purchase on Amazon. All we have to do is click on "Change" in the "Payment method" section. Right under our cards we should have the option " Buy with Pay in 4 ".

Once this option has been chosen, when confirming the purchase, it will redirect us to a Cofidis website . On this page the truth is that they do not ask us for too much information. We will have to include our data, including a scanned copy of the DNI. Finally, we will have to place our bank card, since it will be on this card that the fees will be charged . And nothing else, only with these data Cofidis will decide whether to grant us the financing or not.

On financing, we must take into account a couple of aspects. The first is that it is interest-free financing, but it does have management fees . For example, in a financing of a purchase of 1,000 euros we will pay 25 euros of opening costs.

how to finance your purchases on Amazon and pay them in return installments

And the second point is that it is a financing of 4 installments, not 4 months . This is because the first installment is charged immediately, while the remaining three installments are billed three months apart. That is, the final fee will be charged around 90 days after making the purchase .

What if I want to return the product?

If we have to make a return of a financed product, Amazon will refund the amount paid, including the opening commissions .

It is possible that, as we have mentioned before, the financing is from a "Basket" with several products. If this is the case, Amazon will recalculate the payment of the fees by subtracting the cost of the product that we have returned from the initial cost .

How to finance a purchase on Amazon with Fintonic

how to finance your purchases on Amazon and pay them in installments Fintonic

Although the Cofidis option is the first that is fully integrated into the Amazon platform, for a few months it has been possible to finance purchases on Amazon through Fintonic.

The big difference between the financing of Cofidis and that of Fintonic is that the second is done through the finance application. It is not done directly through the Amazon website. In fact, what Fintonic does is generate an Amazon gift voucher so that we can pay for the product we want with this check. The collection of the fee will be carried out by us, as is logical, Fintonic.