Instagram already allows saving drafts


Like most online services and applications, Instagram has not stopped renewing itself since its birth. Now the tool is updated with a new functionality that has a lot to do with the quality of what users publish or post. This is the "Save draft" option , a feature whose title tells us a lot. Until now, Instagram users  have not had the opportunity to save our images and edits for later. And what is that for? Well, it is great for us when we have to do something else and leave the edition halfway or when we want to prepare an important publication in advance and, in short, we do not intend to bring it to light immediately.

The functionality to save drafts has been tested on Instagram for a few weeks now. In mid-August, some users indicated through social networks that the option to save as a draft was already operational. Weeks later, most Instagram users already have the opportunity to test the functionality, because it is already officially operational. The first thing you will have to do to be able to access it is - if you have not done it before - update the application. Go to the Google Play Store and in My Applications, search for Instagram and select Update. In a few minutes you should have the application up to date and the functionality will be operational.

Instagram Eraser

But what do you have to do to be able to use this option?

1. We have already indicated that the first thing you have to do is update the application . After this step, select the photo you want to publish and start editing.

2. Add the filter or edit the image through the different tools and when you want to leave the edit parked, click on the back arrow that you will see in the upper left corner.

3. Immediately after, a pop-up window will appear asking you if you want to save the image as a draft: “Save as a draft? Drafts allow you to save your changes so you can retrieve them later . " Tap Save draft.

4. If you prefer not to save it, don't worry: all you have to do is click on Discard .


To retrieve the draft later, click on the camera button as if you wanted to carry out a new edit. At the top of the gallery you will see that there is a section for Drafts . Find the one that interests you and click on it to return to editing tasks. That easy.

And you, have you already tried this functionality? Let us know how you did in the comments!