5 tricks to sell a second-hand iPhone


Technology advances very fast, which makes you want to change your mobile every so often. If you have an iPhone from a couple of years ago and you have looked at another terminal, or at the new iPhone that Apple released last year, the best option is to put it on sale. One of the positive things about Apple terminals is that they are sold at a very good price even if time has passed. They are highly valued in the second-hand market, which makes it easy to get enough money to buy a new one.

Of course, before putting it up for sale we recommend that you take into account a series of tips or tricks to get the most out of the transaction . In this way, you will get a few extra euros to invest in your new phone.

1. Look at its current market value

The first thing you should do before putting it up for sale is to look at its current price in the second-hand market. That will help you get an idea of ​​the prices that are moving on that specific model. Imagine you want to sell an iPhone 7 Plus. You can enter Vibbo or Wallapop and see in your locality the users who are selling it at that moment and what is the approximate price set.

iPhone sale

If you are in a hurry to sell it, you will have no choice but to lower the value considerably over that of others. Take into account the maximum and minimum prices and make your own estimate. Also pay attention to other pages that are selling it. Enter Google and type the name of the model in the search engine (iPhone 7 Plus) . If you more or less check that brand new now costs between 350 euros to 400 euros, and that there are second-hand mobiles that sell for 320 euros, perhaps a good idea is to put your mobile at 300 euros if it is in good condition and see What happens.

2. Take good photos

The better the state of the phone, the more money you can get for sale. It is also very important if you have everything standard: original box, headphones, charger… When you have written the ad, upload good quality photos of the phone, with everything you add in the sale. Earn points if you have cases or covers and give them away. Place the phone in a place with good light and that there are no other distracting elements. For example, put it on a table with a smooth surface and place the camera a short distance above it.

sale iPhone box

It is useless to attach dark images of the terminal, in which the details are not well appreciated, and that more things appear in the photo than you want to add to the sale.

3. Be clear when giving data

When you write the ad to upload it to second-hand buying and selling websites, do not keep important details. If the mobile has a scratch, bump or any kind of damage, comment it in the description and, if possible, take a photo to show it. The same if something happens at the software level, that cannot be seen . If the phone's battery lasts only a few hours, don't lie and say in the ad that it is in perfect condition.

iphone description

In the case of having to change something important and you want to get the most money for the terminal, you can always go to a technical service that repairs iPhones and ask for a quote . Maybe it will be worth fixing it to later put it up for sale more expensively. Likewise, we recommend that you detail absolutely everything in the description: exact model, capacity, color, time, if you have an invoice or not, if it has any important previous repairs, if it is updated to the latest software version ... Also add if you want the sale is only by hand, or if you are willing to send it out by cash on delivery.

4. Delete your data and leave it as factory

For your safety and so that the phone is clean for its new owner as if it came from the factory, do not forget to erase absolutely everything before selling it. Of course, previously make a backup copy of the stored data in case you want to keep them. The photos can be uploaded to iCloud, Apple's cloud storage service, or any other similar service, such as Dropbox or Google Photos. Keep in mind that once you delete the content from the iPhone, it will remain as if you just removed it from the Apple Store. Don't worry about your emails, passwords, applications ... You won't have to delete it manually, nor will you remove the passwords by logging out.

iPhone data

Go to the Settings section , General, Reset and click on Delete content and settings. Once you click on this button there will be no going back, your iPhone will be completely empty and you will have to start configuring it from scratch.

5. Pay attention to the buyer

You have already done your part, you have been clear, you have the phone ready for sale, but now it is another very important part: be careful with the buyer. Keep in mind that the iPhone is usually a very sweet phone in the second-hand market and there are many scams at the time of buying and selling. Always be guided by common sense. If the person does not convince you, wait for another interested party to come out.

second hand iphone

Always try that the transaction is in hand. In this case, always stay in a public, busy place and look at the tickets that the buyer gives you when paying. If you do not mind selling it outside of your city, avoid transfers, or wait to see the money reflected in your bank before sending the iPhone. Another option is to resort to cash on delivery. It's safe, but it may take a little longer to see the money. And, if you receive messages that do not fit you, badly written, or texts from users who tell you about their lives, with strange arguments, completely skip them and keep waiting for another buyer.