AEG FX9, experience of using this cordless vacuum cleaner

AEG FX9, experience of using this cordless vacuum cleaner

We live in the age of wireless. Headphones, laptops that last for hours and hours without the need for a cable, mice, keyboards and even charging gadgets over the air. Vacuums have also moved to banish the use of cord, and the AEG FX9 is an excellent example of what we can already enjoy at home. A light, useful vacuum cleaner with good autonomy and several accessories to revolutionize the way you clean the house. I've had the opportunity to thoroughly test the pet-centric model over the course of several weeks - and a move in between. The AEG FX9 is available in stores with a price starting at 500 euros.

AEG FX9 Datasheet

ApparatusCordless vacuum cleaner
CleaningMotorized brush / Angle tool / Multifunction attachment / Brush for delicate surfaces
AutonomyUp to 60 minutes (at low speed), 17 minutes at full speed, 3,500 milliamp battery
RechargeCharging station (6 hours)
Cleaning modesThree power levels
Remote controlNot
DrivingCan be used as a handheld vacuum cleaner
Cleaning the applianceHygienic one-touch emptying system / Filter cleaning
Weight4.1 kilos (complete vacuum cleaner)
Featured FeaturesThe motor area and the tank can be placed at the desired height, the vacuum cleaner can be lowered until it is horizontal and it continues working, it can be “parked” vertically
Release dateAvailable
PriceBetween 500 and 600 euros

Comfort squared

I have to admit it. My contact with the world of cordless vacuum cleaners so far had been positive, but I hadn't felt the need to jump in and get rid of my corded vacuum cleaner. The AEG FX9 has changed that from the get-go. It seems incredible, but the fact of not having to bend down to remove the cable and connect the equipment has made a world of difference in my daily cleaning. The laziness that this effort implies is, in many cases, a greater handicap than it seems when it comes to cleaning the house.

AEG FX9 logo detail

With the AEG FX9, just take it out of the base and press the power button on the top. And that's it. That simple change has made me go from cleaning the house once or twice a week to doing it practically daily . The advantage is that you can adjust the height of the engine area and the tank in the position where it is most comfortable. It is made in such a way that it is very easy to maneuver with the brush, which rotates easily with a flick of the hand and allows you to move it from one side to another without the discomfort of a conventional vacuum cleaner. Of course, to achieve this ease of maneuvering, the size of the main brush has been reduced, so you have to bear in mind that you will need more passes to cover the same surface than with a regular vacuum cleaner. For me it has not been a problem when comparing it with the advantages, but it is something to consider.

AEG FX9 vertical position

It should also be noted that you can lower the vacuum cleaner without problems until it almost touches the floor , so that reaching the corners under the furniture or even the bed is quite comfortable. Another aspect that generated more doubts when it came to betting on one of these teams is the weight you have to carry with your hand when vacuuming. But the truth is that the FX9 maintains a really balanced weight and does not tire after a few minutes of use .

The vacuum cleaner is charged by hooking it to a base connected to the mains. You have to be careful to pass it correctly and wait for the small beep that marks that it begins to load. Sometimes it has not finished hooking well with the magnetic support and if you are not attentive it will run out of charge. The base is compact and doesn't take up much space. In fact, it is less invasive equipment than a traditional vacuum cleaner. And that is appreciated in small rooms.

In addition to placing it on the charging base, the vacuum cleaner can also stay in any corner thanks to a click mechanism when we put the vacuum cleaner completely upright . A very useful and intuitive mechanism. Occasionally the vacuum cleaner got hooked during cleaning, but with a simple movement it returned to the correct position.

AEG FX9 led lights

Blessed led lights

One of the ideas that I think is a genius. The brush area has a row of LED lights that illuminate the ground where you walk. The reason? That you can see all the dust particles that escape from normal sight. I found it to be a really good help to know when you have finished with the dirt in an area. You will be surprised how much a floor that appears to be clean can deceive you. It is also a help if you don't want to be cleaning the house with all the lights on.

AEG FX9 knobs

Good autonomy and medium power

Regarding autonomy, the company speaks of a usage time of up to 60 continuous minutes . In my experience it has not reached that much, although I have never had the problem of starting to clean the house and having to take it to the base before finishing. In general, I have not needed more than 20-25 minutes to vacuum an apartment of about 80 square meters .

The vacuum cleaner has several power levels. Of course, if what you are looking for is power this is not your vacuum cleaner. The AEG FX9 performs well, but it doesn't stand out particularly well . By the way, another aspect that seemed key to me during the test. If you set the power to low, you can easily vacuum your home rugs , even those that are smaller (for example, the bathroom mat). Without having to change the brush mode as in a traditional vacuum cleaner and without having to fight with the resistance of that surface. On a personal level, it has been a huge step forward when it comes to facing the living room carpet. Which, in addition, is always full of my pet's hair.

Precisely, the model that I have been testing is the AEG FX9 focused on households with pets with a specific brush to collect the hair of dogs and cats. It does what it promises and cleaning is easy, without the need for multiple passes.

AEG FX9 another view of the brush

Small deposit

The tank that the AEG FX9 has is quite small. It enough for two complete cleaning of the house , although the ideal is to clean it each time you finish cleaning. The exit mechanism is simple, although afterwards the opening to throw the powder is not so simple. Of course, you get used to it right away. What I did have to check in the instructions is the tank tube, which has to be pulled out quite hard and may seem fixed at first. Washing this element and the filter itself is simple.

On a personal level, until now I have always preferred the comfort of bags. Even if you have to search for and buy spare parts, you don't have to go through the process of going to the trash can and often getting dusty when you empty the bin. However, I have to say that the process with the AEG FX9 has been less tedious than I expected and I have had no problem doing it every time.

AEG FX9 deposit

Accessories for every task

The AEG FX9 comes with four accessories for different cleaning tasks. The main one is the larger motorized brush . It is the one that I have used almost every time for the usual vacuuming. Keep in mind that this brush varies depending on the configuration you are going to buy, in my case I have tried the Animal version so it is a specific brush to collect the pet's hair. I have said that it is the largest, but it is still quite compact compared to other models. Of course, its mobility at the base makes it a very easy to use tool.

AEG FX9 vacuum cleaner accessories

Second we have a more compact brush that I have used to clean the car or the sofa. In this case, it is kept in a rigid position, with very little mobility down and up. It is used with the vacuum cleaner practically horizontally (held with both hands). In my case, it has also been very useful to reach other corners such as the one that leaves the sofa with the living room wall. The vacuum cleaner with the main accessory did not pass through there, but it did with this one.

AEG FX9 three-in-one brush

We also have an elongated brush with an elbow to which it hooks. It is an accessory aimed at cleaning corners and the ceiling. Again, with the idea of ​​using the vacuum cleaner with both hands. As I said at the beginning, it is not a heavy vacuum cleaner, so this task is less hard than it might seem at first.

Finally, the AEG FX9 includes a three-in-one accessory that I was already able to test on a previous model. This accessory allows you to vacuum nooks and crannies, with a small brush on one side and a small cone on the other that opens with two rows of brushes. I find it quite useful, although I admit that in this case I preferred it as it is attached to the tube of a traditional vacuum cleaner because it is more manageable.

AEG FX9 vist with accessory

Price and reviews

And now comes the key point. The AEG FX9 is a high-end vacuum cleaner, with a starting cost of between 500 and 600 euros depending on the model you take home. We must be honest, it is a high outlay, and here the decision to opt for a vacuum cleaner of this type or a robot vacuum cleaner also comes into play (you can find very interesting models for a similar price).

In the end, the key is to know well what you are looking for. A robot vacuum cleaner can make you forget much about daily cleaning, but it is not as specific or decisive for corners and it usually suffers much more with elements such as carpets (although they have improved a lot in this aspect). In short, the AEG FX9 seems like an excellent cordless vacuum cleaner. Comfortable, light, well balanced, with more than enough autonomy and very easy to handle. Quite a success by AEG.