Canon LEGRIA HF, new camcorders with 5-axis stabilization


Canon has presented at the doors of CES in Las Vegas a set of cameras and camcorders that arrive to join its immense catalog. In the group of camcorders we have the new LEGRIA HF, this time made up of three models: LEGRIA HF R806, LEGRIA HF R86 and LEGRIA HF R88, which boast of an HD quality video recording experience. As the company itself has reported, these new camcorders retain the functions of their predecessors, although this time a greater creative control has been added, as we will see later. They have a 7.5-centimeter high-resolution touch screen, Intelligent Image Stabilization, with 5-axis stabilization, plus a long battery life and a host of connectivity options. These new camcorders will be available at the end of January at a price of 370 euros for the HF R86, 390 euros for the HF R88 and 290 euros for the HF R806 model .

The new camcorders LEGRIA HF of Canon are made for users looking to capture memories with the highest possible quality. Basically the three models announced LEGRIA HF R806, HF R86 and HF R88 are practically the same, except for some different modes or connectivity options. All three include slow- and fast-motion recording effects, better low-light results for crisp, colorful movies, and an all-new chassis that's much more ergonomic as well as sleek.


The new LEGRIA HFs now offer the possibility to change the recording speed while we are in the middle of a recording, thanks to the new “ Flexible ” slow and fast motion effects . In this way, whether you want to slow down the recording or speed it up, you can add comic or dramatic effects very easily. To ensure that your videos get a natural look and are well lit, we also find the “ Highlight priority ” mode , which has the help of the improved “ Backlight correction ”, which can now be selected directly during recording.

This new trio of video cameras mounts a 7.5-centimeter high-resolution screen, capable of giving the user access to a simple and fast interface . The new range also includes an intelligent image stabilizer, with 5-axis stabilization, which will help compensate for any camera shake. This means that even if you are recording your baby's first laughs or funny moments of your vacation, your videos will always remain stable while you are moving from one side to another following the action. You can also enjoy distant details thanks to the 32x optical zoom, 57x advanced zoom or automatic zoom aid to ensure you never miss a shot. In "Audio Selection for Scenes" you will achieve the perfect sound to bring your videos to life.

In the section on autonomy, the new LEGRIA HF have a long-lasting battery, which allows video recording for a long time. It should be noted that the LEGRIA HF R86 and the LEGRIA HF R88 include 16 GB internal memory so you can record much longer. These two camcorders have built-in WiFi and Dynamic NFC connectivity. Besides, they are compatible with the Canon Camera Connect application and with the Canon Connect Station CS100. For its part, the LEGRIA HF R806 is FlashAir compatible .