My Tinder account has been blocked: how to recover a suspended account

Tinder will hide the profile of LGTBQ people in homophobic countries

Tinder, like any other social application, has a series of terms and conditions that must be met by all users. As specified by the application itself on the user support page, failure to comply with any rule or term will result in the immediate blocking of any account, even if it enjoys the premium plans currently offered by the dating social network. Unfortunately, Tinder does not specify a specific method to recover a blocked or disabled account , which is why we are forced to resort to alternative methods.

Why was my Tinder account blocked?

The reasons why Tinder blocks an account can be diverse. If we take a look at the community rules, Tinder reserves the right of admission for any user who violates the following rules:

  • Explicit or sexual content
  • Harassment and harassment against other users
  • Violence or physical harm
  • Hate speech through language
  • Dissemination of personal information
  • Spam techniques
  • Promotion or dissemination of events or businesses
  • Prostitution or human trafficking
  • Scam techniques
  • Identity fraud
  • Using non-Tinder applications
  • Use of the application by minors
  • Content with minors
  • Copyrighted content

In addition to the community rules of Tinder, the social network again reserves the right to expel any user in the event that they have received complaints and reports from other users for any of the reasons that we have just detailed.

How to recover suspended or blocked Tinder account

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For any ban, block or suspension of an account, Tinder specifies the following:

If you have been banned on Tinder, it means that we have detected activity associated with your account that has violated our Terms of Use or our Community Rules. Please note that you will not be able to sign up for Tinder again using your Facebook account and / or your phone number.


Although we do not currently offer a formal appeal process, we periodically review banned profiles based on feedback.

Does this mean that we cannot contact Tinder to recover the account? Nothing is further from reality. To contact the Tinder service, we can fill in the following form that we will link below.

  • Tinder form

In the same form we will have to indicate the following reasons:

  • How can we help? : Problems logging into account
  • What happen? : I can't log in, my account has been disabled

Later we will fill in the respective fields with our personal information. In the email field we will have to indicate the same address used during registration in Tinder . In Description we will have to describe the reasons for the appeal and the evidence, if any.

How to contact Tinder if we don't get a response

If we have contacted Tinder through the official contact form and have not received a response, we can go to alternative contact channels.

Tinder customer service phone

Unfortunately, Tinder does not have telephone support. Any phone number related to the app is fake, and probably paid.

Tinder email

What happens if my Tinder account has been blocked with Tinder Plus or Tinder Gold

If our Tinder Plus or Tinder Gold account has been suspended, the service will suspend the subscription depending on how we have contracted the service . For these cases, Tinder specifies the following:

  • If the subscription to Tinder Gold or Tinder Plus has been carried out through an Android phone or iPhone, the cancellation of the service will have to be done through the corresponding application store (App Store for iOS and Play Store for Android) in the section of My subscriptions.
  • If the subscription to Tinder Gold or Tinder Plus has been carried out through Tinder or the page, the cancellation of the service will be carried out automatically.