Special Summary 2009 - The mobiles of the year


2009 has been a year as mobilized as the previous one , or more. Although we have had significant news since January , expectations began to materialize from the Mobile World Congress 2009 that was held during the month of February in the city of Barcelona . It was there that the most important brands in the market met to present the latest in mobile telephony. HTC, Nokia, Samsung, LG and Palm have brought out the smartphones that have triumphed during 2009. In this special we will review the terminals that have given rise to talk . And a lot.


There is no doubt that the Finnish Nokia is the company that sells the most around the world , although its profits have fallen 5% during this year of crisis. The star Nokia handsets have been the N97 as the first touchscreen phone, the E75as one of the best professional mobile and N900 , the last star of the collection of tactile QWERTY keyboard slider and system Maemo operating on Linux . But the world's best-selling mobile firm has not been the only one that has triumphed among mobile phone consumers .

The Korean Samsung has been the second on board in the ranking . And it is that during 2009 it has come to sell up to 50 million touch phones worldwide, multiplying by four the terminals sold during 2008. The company has excelled this year with touch phones such as the Omnia II HD, the Jet S8000 or Pixon12 M8910 , a terminal with innovative camera 12 megapixels . To this must be added ecological initiatives such as the Samsung Blue Earth , the first phone with a solar charger embedded in the battery cover.


LG has also launched into the touch and with this we have known phones like LG Arena or the LG Touch Watch GD910 , the first phone included in a wristwatch that has started to be sold accurately. As if this were not enough, during 2009 we have also seen phones such as the Palm Pre or the HTC Dream or HTC Magic come to the fore , the latter running with the Android operating system , owned by Google .


To all this we must add the output of the iPhone 3G S , the second part of Apple's first touch terminal . And the year could not end better than with an ad from the giant Google . It is known that from next January 5 , we could have the Nexus One in stores in the United States and part of Europe . It is the first Google terminal , a touch device possibly manufactured by HTC that promises to go on the market for a very low price . A good starting gun for the new decade.