How to access the multiscreen in Android Nougat

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One of the most requested functions in Android is that of the multi-window or multi-screen : being able to do more than one thing at a time on our mobile phone is a fantastic solution, especially if we use the mobile for work, or when we are watching a YouTube video and we want to send a WhatsApp.

How to activate the multi-window function in Android Nougat

To be able to enjoy this new feature, it is essential that you have the latest version of Android on your mobile device, the one that they have decided to call Nougat and which makes number 7 in the series. You do not have to go to any setting or do anything special to activate it, it comes standard. With just a few simple steps, you can have two applications running on your phone at the same time.

Step 1: enter multitasking

Multitasking is that special Android menu in which all the applications you have running in the background are reflected. This mode is usually entered on the button just to the right of the start button. Many launchers give the possibility of customizing that button, for example, if you are left-handed, but from the factory it will come to the right, press it.

Step 2: choose the first application to launch

Imagine that we want to watch a YouTube video, at the same time, with a friend, and comment on it on WhatsApp. Or a TV program in one of the applications for this purpose. To do this, search the list for the first application you want to open. Hold it down for a few seconds and bring it to the top of the screen. This application will be the one that occupies that part of the display, so choose it well, you will not be able to modify it later.

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Step 3: choose the second application to launch

You have to carry out exactly the same step this time, but taking the application towards the lower half. At this point, you will have both applications running at the same time. You can search for any video on YouTube and, meanwhile, chat with your partner or friend and comment on the game live. What is cool?

Step 4 How to exit the multiscreen?

Exiting the multiscreen is very easy. Just drag the curtain that separates both applications down completely until the one at the bottom disappears. Or, raise it to return to the multitasking screen. As you can see, the operation is very simple and does not require third-party applications or cumbersome knowledge.

We have to add that the multiscreen, as a new function, can cause certain stability and compatibility problems with some applications. We have tested it with YouTube and WhatsApp at the same time and we have not had any problems . And one last trick that we cannot forget: if we want to listen to a YouTube video without having the application open in the foreground, try doing it from the multiscreen.

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