Google Assistant, updated list of Assistant voice commands [2019]

voice commands google assistant english

With each update to the Google Assistant, the company introduces improvements that directly affect the number of vox commands supported by Google Assistant. The rest of the improvements are aimed at making Assistant compatible with the rest of third-party applications that offer voice functions, such as Android Auto, the Google application for road navigation. Just a few days ago we saw all the commands compatible with Android Auto. This time we have made a compilation of all the voice commands of the Google Assistant updated to 2019 .

These are all the 2019 Google Assistant commands in Spanish

In full 2019, the Google Assistant is practically compatible with any application that supports interaction through voice commands. Applications such as Spotify, Waze, WhatsApp, Telegram, Messages and a large number of Android apps. Added to the assistant's native voice commands, the possibilities are virtually endless.

Android functions voice commands

voice commands google assistant spanish 2

By integrating fully with Android, Assistant allows you to activate functions of the system to save us manual intervention. Activate the flashlight and Bluetooth or lower the volume or brightness of the screen .

  • Activate the WiFi
  • Disable WiFi
  • Activate Bluetooth
  • Activate the flashlight
  • Open WhatsApp
  • Open Telegram
  • Turn off airplane mode
  • Turn up the sound volume
  • Turn down the music volume
  • Increase the brightness of the screen
  • Record a video
  • Make a picture
  • Unmute the phone
  • Put the mobile on silence
  • Activate do not disturb mode

Application control voice commands

Google Assistant is compatible with a large number of applications. Beyond WhatsApp, Telegram, YouTube, TuneIn or Spotify, the Google Assistant integrates with most of the existing applications on the system. Thanks to this, we can send messages to a certain contact by WhatsApp, put a certain video on YouTube or listen to our favorite artist on YouTube.

  • Put Me Afraid of Mclan on Spotify
  • Watch a video from One Expert on YouTube
  • Send a message to Mom on WhatsApp saying "I love you very much"
  • Send a message to Papa by SMS saying "I'm here"
  • Send an email to Chema by Gmail with the subject "Invoice" that says "Here is the invoice for the last month"
  • Put Máxima FM on TuneIn
  • Call Marta
  • Tell me the latest calendar events
  • Play the latest podcast from

Voice commands from Google account

Although its main function is aimed at assisting us in the functions and applications of the phone, the company's assistant is also able to show us information related to our Google account .

  • Open my Google account settings
  • Show me the search history of my Google account
  • Modify Google privacy settings
  • Adjust Google account security settings

Music and video voice commands

voice commands google assistant english 4

Being compatible with a multitude of music applications, including Google Podcast and YouTube Premium, we can perform actions that range from going from song to searching for a certain song by a certain artist .

  • Change songs on Spotify
  • Fast forward 10 minutes to the Netflix episode on TV
  • Put the latest video of Tuexperto on YouTube
  • Change radio station to Rock FM
  • stop the music
  • Pass the song on Tidal
  • Play me the latest Amaia Montero album
  • Put me station 96.10 on TuneIn
  • Ponme Heroes by David Bowie on Spotify
  • Put me 40 on the radio
  • I want to hear Elvira Sastre's book
  • I want to hear a song by Maluma
  • Play the podcast from
  • Put me music

Voice commands for calls and messages

Sending messages through SMS, WhatsApp or Telegram or emails through Gmail or Outlook are two of the actions that we can carry out through voice commands. Of course, we can also make calls through the Android Calls application .

  • Send an email to Juan with the subject "Beware" and the message "I think radioactive muffins are dangerous"
  • Send an email to Marta with the subject "Amount of the debt" and the message "You owe me 6,000 pesetas of whiskey"
  • Send a Telegram message to Juan Antonio saying "We meet tonight at 9:00 PM"
  • Send an SMS to Antonio "Have you seen how Madrid turned out?"
  • Send a message to Marta that says "Are we meeting Sunday for breakfast?"
  • Send a message to Dad on WhatsApp that says "I'm going to pick up Mom at 19:00"
  • Send a Telegram to Alejandro saying "I am very close to your house, as soon as I arrive I will tell you with the motorcycle"
  • Call dad
  • Call the number 666777111

Navigation voice commands

voice commands google assistant english 1

If we have Google Maps or Waze as a GPS application, we can use a multitude of voice commands to see the distance between two points, flights, three and buses to other cities or navigation to our place of work or home.

  • How to go home by motorcycle
  • How to go to Barcelona from Madrid without paying a toll
  • How to go to Badajoz
  • How to get to Malasaña
  • How to get to Maria's house
  • How can I drive to Gijón
  • How long does it take to get to Malaga by car
  • How long does it take to get to Barajas airport
  • Tell me the address of the Plaza Mayor in Salamanca
  • Tell me all the trains that lead to Montijo
  • Tell me all the buses that lead to Granada from here
  • Where is the nearest greengrocer
  • Where is the Plaza Elíptica metro station
  • Where is my hotel located
  • Where am i right now
  • Find the Vistalegre Palace in Madrid
  • Show me the map of Ciudad Rodrigo
  • Show me interesting places in Ávila
  • There are cheap gas stations nearby
  • Take me to Paris
  • Show me the status of the flight to Barcelona
  • Show me all the flights to Madrid
  • Show me all the flights to Berlin on April 25
  • Show me all the flights from Madrid to New York
  • Take me to Maria's house
  • Navigate to Plaza de la Ensidesa
  • Navigate to work
  • Distance between Montijo and Badajoz

Weather and meteorology voice commands

If we want to know the information related to the weather and the meteorology of our city or a specific point, we can use the Google Assistant even if we do not have a weather application .

  • Tell me if there is rain in Merida
  • It's raining in Barcelona
  • It's windy in Badajoz
  • It will rain at night in Modernonia
  • What is the temperature right now in Valencia
  • What will the weather be tomorrow morning in Seville
  • What is the wind in Madrid right now
  • It's going to be cold tonight

Schedule voice commands (alerts, warnings and reminders)

As an assistant application that it is, the Google Assistant is compatible with most Android Calendar applications. Together with the agenda of our phone and the Reminders application, we can create notices and alerts so that the phone notifies us later of what is indicated .

  • Let me know that I have a doctor's appointment at 12 at the Mérida Health Center
  • Show me my Orange bills
  • Read me my last email
  • Read me the latest emails from today
  • Vodafone invoices
  • Starts a 6 minute countdown
  • Set me an alarm at 3:26 pm
  • Set an alarm in 4 minutes
  • When do I have the next trip to Barcelona
  • What events do I have this afternoon
  • What events do I have on the calendar this afternoon
  • Remind me that I have to go to the Malasaña burger tonight
  • Remind me that I have dinner tomorrow at 10 p.m.

Information voice commands

voice commands google assistant english 5

In addition to the weather information and events related to our calendar, the Google Assistant through voice commands can give us all kinds of non-transactional information. The height of the president of China, the age of Mariano Rajoy, the square root of 4 or the synonyms of truthfulness .

  • Good morning (the assistant will show us all the important news of the day and the last broadcast through a radio station)
  • Tell me the news of the day
  • How many days until summer
  • What time is now
  • What time is it in Lisbon
  • What is the height of Mariano Rajoy
  • Where was Adolf Hitler born
  • Who is the President of Portugal
  • Tell me synonyms of verborrea
  • Antonyms for happiness
  • How old is Ed Sheeran
  • How old am I
  • Who is Alejandro Sanz's wife
  • What noise the horse makes
  • Tell me the billboard in the cinemas of Salamanca
  • In what year did World War II occur
  • What is Apple's price on the stock market right now
  • How much is one plus one
  • What is the square root of 4.32
  • How to say song in German
  • What is the meaning of intransigence
  • How many kilometers is a mile
  • Tell me the recipe for Andalusian gazpacho
  • Show me pictures of Barcelona
  • How many calories does a pizza have
  • What is Aitana's latest album
  • How much is Madrid now
  • Who goes first in the league
  • Heads or tails

Game voice commands

voice commands google assistant spanish 3

Another of the most curious functions of Google Assistant has to do with the list of games that it integrates as standard. Games like the crystal ball, the scandalous bears or rock, paper and scissors . The list is immense.

  • Let's play crystal ball
  • I want to talk to the scandalous bears
  • Rock, paper or scissors
  • Play Lizard Spock
  • Who is that Pokemon
  • Let's talk about Game of Thrones
  • Let's talk about soccer
  • Talk to One Direction
  • Hide and seek game
  • Guess riddle
  • What am i thinking right now
  • What kind of assistant are you
  • Tell me some funny jokes
  • Talk to X Factor
  • Tell me something interesting
  • I want to talk to Dark Fortune Teller
  • Tell me a scary story
  • Flip a coin
  • Talk to case 1 (an own assistant bot will be activated)
  • Open the Alzheimer's translator
  • Talk to Tavi