Insatia, when becomes a real PC game


Despite the indie (independent) trend of games with the surname .io , it seems that fame has transcended. And we mean the browser . And it is that if you really want a complete game , entertaining and with good graphics , you do not have to depend on the possibilities of the browser, but on a graphics card and the computer's processor itself . Something that Insatia has been preparing for years, even before appeared on the scene . It's the ultimate snake and bug game, if you have the stomach to play with these critters, sure.

It is a game that follows the mechanics of . Although it is unfair to say that when it has been in development since August 2011 as a proposal for a video game contest. However, its creator has been assembling a puzzle piece by piece that now looks much better than any of the imitators , and that is considered an authentic and complete video game in which to eat or be eaten.


The idea is simple: control a species of predatory worm capable of feeding on different insects to grow. All this without forgetting the possibility of running into other worms of the same type. Of course, this approach is not empty, and in Insatia it has an argument. A story that places us in Professor Pokrovsky's laboratory , where he experiments with worms to be able to control them from a distance and create different types, more or less aggressive. Between levels, as well as in the tutorial, the assistant Bob and the person in charge of the laboratory administration, PinnyThey will also be present to give advice, propose missions and give some plot sense to this maelstrom of cannibalism.

And yes, the atmosphere of this Insatia has little or nothing to do with . We are in a laboratory full of other living things . All with a somewhat dark and overwhelming aspect . But it is the gory of the fighting that really draws attention. Every being leaves its fluids on the stage and on the worm's mouth. In addition, it is possible to partially eat insects and other worms , achieving really gore and somewhat sadistic scenes .


As points in favor, in addition to its approach by levels where different objectives are raised, including that of surviving by acquiring the role of the prey , there is its developed mechanics. And is that these worms move like reptiles, being necessary to use the keyboard arrows to move from side to side and move forward . A technique that must be developed to be the most bloodthirsty worm. In addition, with the Alt key it is possible to enjoy bullet time to perform epic and controlled attacks to the millimeter. It is also possible to jump on the dams. At the moment it is unknown if it will have an online multiplayer mode .

It is interesting, as a difference compared to , that it is possible to get hold of the largest snakes by eating them by the tail , where their body is thinner . Of course, size does matter, so insects and snakes larger than our jaw will not be able to eat, forcing us to collect other smaller elements of the mapping. All this allowing to leave eggs to continue the game and generate even more chaos in the laboratory .

In short, a title that can really be called a video game , with an approach (although it is far from deep), advanced graphics that not only improve the gaming experience, but also give everything a somewhat gore touch , and an accompanying sound at all times.

At the moment it is a game in alpha phase , that is, still in development . However, all those who cannot wait for its release, scheduled for spring 2017 , can stop by the creator page or Steam Greenlight and download a preview version. Of course, it is in English and Russian , but it allows you to see first-hand how satisfactory as well as unpleasant the world of insects is.