7 Google Chrome extensions to get the most out of Netflix

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It is the queen of television platforms. Netflix is ​​a service of series and movies to watch on demand for a monthly fee. The normal thing is to see them directly on the television. But there are also those who connect through the browser with the computer.

If this is your case, you will be interested in knowing the extensions of Google's Chrome browser to take advantage of new functions with Netflix. Did you know that you can reduce or increase the playback speed or enable a chat to comment on the series with our friends in real time?

Of course, all this is only possible if you use extensions created for use with Chrome. There is a whole world out there of extensions, add-ons and external tools to give Netflix extra functionality.

This time we have compiled some of the most interesting to bring the whole game to the booming platform. And if you know any more, do not hesitate to share it with others in the comments.

index of contents

  • Netflix Party to synchronize and comment on series and movies with friends
  • NflxMultiSubs to configure subtitles to our liking
  • Film Stack to create series and movie playlists
  • Video Speed ​​Controller to change Netflix playback speed
  • Enhancer for Netflix to unlock hidden Netflix categories
  • Video Adjust for Netflix to improve picture quality
  • Netflix Extended to improve the functions of the Netflix interface

Netflix Party to synchronize and discuss series and movies with friends

netflix party extension

Probably one of the most interesting extensions. Netflix Party is a Google Chrome extension that, as the name suggests, allows us to create "movie theaters" to watch series and movies with other participants remotely and in sync .

The extension also includes its own chat system with which we can comment on the works in real time . The operation of the tool is, in fact, very simple. We will only have to access a certain series, film or documentary and click on the button that the extension enables on the taskbar.

Then a link will be generated that we will later share with other people. Automatically a private room will be created where we can reproduce the chapters in a synchronized way along with a chat.

  • Download Netflix Party for Google Chrome

NflxMultiSubs to configure subtitles to our liking

Netflix Multiple Subtitles is an extension that not only adds subtitles in practically any language, it also allows us to customize their size, font and position within the playback interface .

The operation of the extension is based precisely on adding complementary subtitles to the official Netflix subtitles in case these are not available in our language. Unfortunately the extension may conflict with other extensions, as specified on the developer page.

  • Download NflxMultiSubs for Google Chrome

Film Stack to create series and movie playlists

Netflix natively does not allow you to create playlists of series, movies and documentaries. Film Slack brings this YouTube functionality to Netflix through an extension for Google Chrome with which we can create lists that will automatically play the content when the chapter in question has finished .

Within the extension itself we will be able to alternate between series and movies, search for content and delete it later to sort the lists based on our personal preferences.

  • Download Film Stack for Google Chrome

Video Speed ​​Controller to change Netflix playback speed

The perfect extension for those who don't have enough time to soak up the latest seasons of Stranger Things or Peaky Blinders.

Video Speed ​​Controller comes the YouTube function that allows us to change the playback speed of the chapters to Netflix. Compatible with countless websites, the way to interact with the extension is as simple as using the Z, S, D, X and V keys to change the speed at which the video that appears on the screen plays.

Best of all, we can configure both the interaction keys and the acceleration or deceleration time settings of the extension using.

  • Download Video Speed ​​Controller for Google Chrome

Enhancer for Netflix to unlock hidden Netflix categories

In the article on Netflix's hidden codes, we talked about the hidden categories that the platform uses to classify a certain type of content that is not shown to the public. With Enhancer for Netflix we can not only see all hidden categories at a glance, but also trailers, IMDb reviews and reactions from the different users of the extension.

To enjoy these latest features, however, we will need to register through a Simkl.com account . Later the plugin will enable all these functions in Google Chrome.

  • Download Enhancer for Netflix for Google Chrome

Video Adjust for Netflix to improve picture quality

video adjust for netflix

Tired of watching dark scenes on your laptop monitor? With Video Adjust for Netflix we can configure the image of the platform to our liking through a series of personalized settings.

Brightness, contrast or saturation are some of the parameters that we can play with, although the extension itself has a series of preset filters. It also has an option to enable acceleration through the GPU to reduce video lag .

  • Download Video Adjust for Netflix for Google Chrome

Netflix Extended to improve the functions of the Netflix interface

netflix extended chrome

As the name itself anticipates, Netflix Extended extends the functions that the platform presents by default. Among the multitude of functions that the extension includes natively, we can perform actions such as adding custom keyboard commands, skipping introductions and recaps, modifying the playback speed of the videos and changing the jump time between chapters.

In addition to being compatible with Google's Chromecast , Netflix Extended has a section dedicated to criticism and comments whose main source draws from sites like OMDb.

Like other extensions, it can conflict with other Google Chrome add- ons intended to add functionality to Netflix.

  • Download Netflix Extended for Google Chrome