How to see the photos and videos I have liked on Instagram

How to see the photos and videos I have liked on Instagram

There may be various reasons why we like the publications of our contacts on social networks. The main one, of course, is the most honest: we simply loved that post , or that beautiful photograph of our friend's vacation in Paris. The secondary ones: because you are romantically interested in that person, because you want to see them later to be inspired by your own snapshots ...

Whatever the reason, it is always good to be able to have, at hand, all the photos and videos that you have liked on Instagram. Although we can archive images for later consultation, even organize them later in albums, the double click of Instagram is more comfortable . So how can we see the photos and videos that we have liked on Instagram?

So you can check your 'likes' on Instagram

Open the Instagram application that, of course, you must have installed on your mobile phone. If you don't have Instagram yet and you want to be part of a big community, download the application from the Android application store or iTunes. Once downloaded and installed, log into your account (or get one for the first time) and we do the following:

How to see the photos and videos that I have liked on Instagram 1

Look at the lower left icon that represents a human silhouette . Press it. It will take you directly to your personal page, where you will find all the photos you have published to date.

Now look up all the way. On the right, you will see a menu of three vertical dots . This section is a menu where you can make various modifications and adjustments to your account. In addition, of course, we can see the publications that, throughout our life on Instagram, we have liked.

instagram menu

Swipe the screen down and look for the 'Account' section. In it, you will be able to see all the photos in which you were tagged, configure your Stories, edit your account profile, change the password and, of course, check the publications that you liked . Click exactly where you can read 'Posts that you liked'.

On this screen, the publications and videos that you liked in the Instagram application will appear in chronological order . Have you seen how easy?