16 Spotify playlists for your New Years Eve party

16 Spotify playlists for your New Years Eve party

Just because you've paid for a Spotify subscription doesn't mean you're a DJ. Nor that you have refined tastes. Nor that you know how to create a good sound experience at your parties. But at least you try. To achieve this, you not only have to know what music is currently being listened to, but also choose the music according to the theme of the party, the style of the attendees and the humor that is distilled. Therefore, if this New Year's Eve you are going to take care of the music at home, we recommend that you take a walk through the selection of playlists on Spotify that we have found for all tastes and situations. Do not break your head, just click on the link of the list that interests you the most and start playing through your computer or mobile. It's that easy.

All hits

Look, we're not going to judge you. If you don't know what is distilled and you want to make everyone happy, you better not get caught and choose this list with all successes.

Here you can find music by Lele Pons and Aitana with a more commercial style, but also pure reggeaton by Daddy Yanky, or even Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody. There is something for everyone and it is up to date. So you sure don't fail.

End of the year

Filtr Spain has been in charge of doing the dirty work and creating a special list for New Years. In it, songs from all of 2018 and others from a few years back are collected. All of them recognizable and danceable. It is a special list for parties, so have no doubts: you will move your hips or, at least, you will mark the rhythm with one of your feet.

Uptown Funk, Está Rico, Get Lucky or Chandelier are some of his songs. Funky, Pop, a more techno sound… there is everything, but everything is animated. Feel free to give it a try if you want people to dance at your party.

Mix Reggaeton 2018

The best of reggaetón this year is on this list. This is so. It's another one of these Spotify playlists capable of breaking your hip. If you want to dance and dog, don't let it pass you by.

Vaina Loca, I don't remember, Stealing a kiss, El Farsante… Ok, not everything is from 2018, but the options are current and very danceable. It is another of those lists that you have to reproduce yes or yes if blood runs through your veins or if you have left a space for dancing in your room. They will appreciate it.

The 50 most viral in Spain

It is another one of those lists with which you do not get wet, but with which you get the acceptance of all those attending your party. After all, this list is updated with the songs that have been viral and that, surely, have been heard by those who attend the party at least in passing.

The list is constantly updated and, through Spotify, you can see the evolution of the songs that make it up. This way you will know a little more about the general tastes of your country. Do they marry yours? If not, here we leave you more lists.

Soulful disco

We start with the thematic lists, and Soul, which is a style that gives a lot of play at parties. It can be lively and intense, or create the most emotional situations to cuddle up before the year is out. Or later. This is the force of music that comes from the soul.

It's a Spotify playlist for those who aren't scared of names like Marvin Gaye or Luther Vandross. But not everything is putting bodies together, there are also animated themes thanks to it's raining men by The Weather Girls, or Night Fever by the Bee Gees. Let's not forget this is a party.

Funky jams

Full of Funk! The party can't stop, and with this playlist you'll have funky lovers on their toes.

Artists like Michael Jackson, Sharon Jones or Stevie Wonder make up this list. They are songs not to stop dancing, but to do it with style.

Rock party

Obviously you couldn't miss a rock Spotify playlist. And it's rock hard for the body to kick in. The possible damage suffered by the furniture of your party is only your responsibility if you play these songs.

The list begins with Seven Nation Army by the White Stripes, and continues with other rock music gems like Sex on Fire by Kings of Leon. Nor will you miss AC / DC, Bon Jovi, Gorilaz, Blur or Guns N 'Roses. You're going to knock the house down with this list.

Dance classics

If you like more disco and music that is played (or rather played) in the big rooms, this is your playlist. Of course, notify your neighbors before:

Kaskade, The Chemical Brothers or Moby are part of the members of this list. Only with those names you should already know that the list is good. But there are many other dance artists and creators who fill hours of reproduction of this style to make your party a success.

Indie party

Because the alternatives also have the right to party. This is so. Furthermore, indie is in fashion, and more and more is being heard on different charts. But if you and your party is still something of the underworld, feel free to reproduce this list.

The artists on this list are far from independent. And it is that they have managed to cross the barriers of the markets with songs like Midnight City , Paper Planes or Disco 2000 among many others.

Girl's night

Forget the pajama parties. Although this playlist is for girls, they know well how to have fun and move their skeletons. And if not, take a look:

In this list you can find tracks by or in which authorities and song divas such as Beyoncé, Dua Lipa, the Fifth Harmony, Becky G or Miley Cyrus participate, among many others. Songs to dance, have fun, uninhibited and also to empower yourself. Women have a lot to say and they also want to have fun.


Music is to be enjoyed, and we are not going to criticize you if you are undemanding by ear. Do you like to dance and have fun and need a fun playlist for your New Years Eve party? Well look no further:

Here there is perreo Sin Pijama , a joke with Aserejé and a lot of laughs with the Hear Me, They Hear Me from the great Thalía. This list is danced, laughed and enjoyed.


And not. We don't forget K-Pop. There is also a playlist on Spotify for those who follow Korean music closely. It has transcended political barriers from the other side of the world, and they are going strong.

Did you doubt that BTS were on this list? Also present are iKON, Winner, BlackPink, and Red Velvet, among many other boy and girl groups. Perhaps only with music the force of K-Pop is softer than watching its flashy and intense video clips, but in this playlist you will enjoy it just the same.

Afro party

Black music has its playlist too. Do not lose sight of (or hearing) him if you are one of those who enjoys African rhythms, tribal melodies and strong songs.

Don't forget they are party playlists, so you'll hear well-mixed black beats up-to-date with electronic music. This is what happens in songs like Gongo Aso , Omunye or Biri Ka Mbiri . It is a powerful list that will not leave you cold at any time.

Swing revival

Now is the time to make those swing classes profitable. This Spotify playlist will let you test if you have internalized the rhythm, the steps and know how to set the style of these dances from another era that are back in fashion:

With Hey Pachucho! you can show that you no longer count the steps. Meanwhile you can practice your turns with Swing Let's Swing . There are many songs around this style with which to complete a classic swing party. Make sure your downstairs neighbors won't protest.

Ballroom dancing

But if your thing is to strut around the dance floor doing turns, pranks, passes, turns, poses and impossible hip movements ... here is your list

It is a list of ballroom dances of the most varied. Bachata, salsa, tango, rumba, copla… It doesn't lack anything. Only that you know how to dance some or all of the styles that are distilled in this ballroom dance playlist more or less well.

Reggae party

And if you want to relax ...

Several songs from Shabba Ranks, Mr. Vegas, Sean Paul, Beenie Man, among others, top this reggae-style party list. We are not going to tell you what you have or do not have to drink, but surely with this music you are a little closer to relaxation than to excitement.