Hotmail, how to delete the account and unsubscribe

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Hotmail is still the most widely used free email in the world. Just a few months ago, just last July, Hotmail or Windows Live Hotmail - that's what it's called now - turned 15 years old , a figure of real merit in the volatile world of the Internet. Since its inception, the Microsoft company has offered a free space to all users who have wanted it, so that since the 90s , Internet users have had the opportunity to send e-mails through webmail accounts, popularizing - without a doubt - the use of e-mail boxes for the vast majority of users. Over the years new services have been born. In fact, one of the most popular has been Gmail , also free and owned by Google .


Many users are registered in Hotmail . It happens that when we want to unsubscribe, it is usually complicated, so it does not hurt to help users to close their accounts , if they intend to do so . Do not forget that the vast majority of services hide unsubscribe options so as not to lose users. In any case, you should know that to unsubscribe from Hotmail you will only have to follow the link that we offer you below , since it will allow you to permanently delete all your Hotmail data . As soon as you have deleted the account, you will also have struck down access toWindows Live Messenger , the instant messaging service popularized by Microsoft .

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You must remember that once the cancellation is made , all Hotmail information will be permanently deleted, so that you will not be able to recover the email that you have stored in the account. We recommend that if you want to keep these messages , you print them or send them to your future email account, since this will be the only way to save them. If on another occasion you want to register in Hotmail , you will have to enter all your data again, since Microsoft will not have saved any. Remember that to access Windows Live Messenger you will need an active account, so if you don't have one,you will lose the connection via chat with your contacts.