This is why PS4 games download slower

This is why PS4 games download slower

The recent quarantine situation in which much of the planet is found, has forced hundreds of millions of users to remain confined to their homes and, consequently, to seek forms of entertainment to fill their free time.

These days, the Internet has become, more than ever, many people's solution to make this moment as bearable as possible. But are we really prepared for an increase in demand of this caliber?

After several services such as Netflix or YouTube, have been forced to reduce the quality of their content in Europe to avoid saturation of their networks, the last to join has been Sony itself . We tell you.

Maintain the stability of the internet

In an official statement published through its blog, the Japanese Sony has just confirmed that it will slow down the download of games to help not overload the network .

The company is currently studying with the different internet providers in Europe the possibility of managing all the traffic generated by the downloads of its entire video game catalog. In this way, they want to ensure that internet access throughout the continent is not severely affected .

What does all this mean for the user? That they will begin to experience a certain slowness in the downloads of the games they have just acquired. Of course, they have also ensured that, although the downloads will suffer a certain slowdown, players will be able to continue enjoying fluid gameplay in their online games with the rest of the community. Or at least it won't be affected as significantly.

Other platforms

Sony's decision comes just after some services such as YouTube or Netflix have also taken measures to reduce their traffic by around 25% within European networks, while still offering an optimal service for all users.

For its part, Sony has not specified at the moment how much it will reduce the speed of PSN downloads or how much traffic they plan to reduce with this decision. We will have to wait to see what finally happens.