How to create an account and log in to Gmail to see your email


Gmail has become in just a few years the most used email service in the world. This does not mean that it is the best email client. In fact, it can sometimes be complex for people who are not familiar with Google applications. That is why this time we will teach you to create an account and log in to Gmail . We will also solve the main doubts about the most popular client of all: how to recover the password if we have forgotten it , how to view Gmail mail in Outlook and several tricks to get the most out of the application for both PC and Android iOS.

How to create a Gmail account on PC or mobile

If until a few years ago creating an account in Gmail was only possible through an invitation, today it is possible to do it through a computer or mobile in an extremely simple way. The only thing we will need is, of course, a stable Internet connection .

Create an account on PC

To create a Gmail account on your computer, as simple as going to the official Gmail page through this link. Once we are inside, we will click on the Create an account button and then a page similar to this will open:

create gmail account

At this point, all we have to do is fill in the different fields corresponding to the name, surname, email address and password (it must have at least eight characters). It does not have to be our real data, although it is recommended in case we have some kind of security-related problem in the future .

create gmail account 2

Do we have everything ready? Then we can click on the Next button. Next, we will be shown a screen in which we will have to enter various data related to our phone, our alternative email address (it can be an Outlook or Gmail email), our date of birth and our gender. While the first two are not mandatory (although recommended), the last two do need to be added to improve account security .

Finally we will click on Next and now we can use our Gmail account with total freedom. Of course, we must accept the Terms and conditions of use before creating the account to complete the process. Once finished, the page will redirect us to our inbox.

Create an account on Android or iOS

In the event that we want to create an account on the mobile through Android or iOS, the first thing we must do is, how could it be otherwise, download the application from the Play Store or the App Store .

Once we have downloaded it, we will open it as if it were any other application. At this point, it is likely that we have a previously added account, especially on Android phones (Samsung, LG, Sony, BQ, etc.). In this case, it is as simple as sliding the side menu of the application to the left, clicking the date icon down and clicking Add account , as you can see in the screenshot below.

login gmail android

In the event that we have no account created, the application will show us an interface similar to this:

login gmail android 2

We get to this point, we will click on the Gmail option and the application will automatically ask us for our email address. Since what we want is to create a new address, we must click on the Create new account button .

login gmail android 3

The process from this point on will be identical to the one previously described for PC. We will have to enter the information related to our name, date of birth, age and optional email address. When we're done, it should send us to our inbox.

How to sign in to Gmail

We have already created our Gmail account and we want to log in. Whether on mobile or computer, the process is exactly the same.

Login on the computer

In the case of the computer, we will only have to go to the official Gmail page and click on the Login button . Later we must enter the email address and password previously created. If we have a personal computer, it is recommended to select the option to remember the password that our computer will show us as we enter our data.

If the computer is public, it is best to skip this option and close the session when we stop using it .

log out of gmail

We can do this by clicking on the photo that we have added to our profile in the upper right corner and clicking the Logout button.

Sign in on mobile

If what we want is to use the mobile to log in, the process is just as simple as on a computer.

Within the application, Gmail will ask us directly the type of service we want to add. We will click on Gmail and the Login screen will automatically appear .

Finally, we will enter our address and password and our personal inbox will automatically be displayed.

How to recover your Gmail password if you have forgotten it

Forgetting your Gmail password, while it may seem unusual, is more common than usual. Fortunately, Google offers us several options to recover a password in the event that we have forgotten it.

gmail forgotten password 23

The first thing we should do is go to the official Gmail page through this link and enter our email address. On the password screen, we must click on the button Have you forgotten your password? to begin the recovery process.

gmail forgotten passwordAt this point the options are diverse, and will depend entirely on the amount of information that we have added when creating the account. After having entered the last password that we remember in the Password box, Gmail will allow us to recover our account through the following methods:

  • Sending a recovery request to our mobile number
  • Sending an SMS or call to our mobile number
  • Sending an email to the alternate address we have provided
  • Answering the security question that we have configured
  • Providing the month and year of account creation
  • Entering an alternate email address for Google to review the case manually

To go to the next recovery method, all we have to do is click on Try in another way . When we have found the desired method, and after having entered the correct data, Gmail will allow us to create a new password.

How to view your Gmail email in

Viewing and sending Gmail messages is possible from Outlook. In fact, the Microsoft service offers us different possibilities to add accounts belonging to other services. The good thing is that we can do it both from the web version and from the mobile application .

gmail settings

To do this, the first step to follow will be to go to the Gmail configuration, which can be found in the gear wheel in the upper right corner (next to our profile photo). Once we are inside, we will click on the Forwarding and POP / IMAP mail section and we will verify that the IMAP Access option is active . If not, we must activate it manually to send emails to other services than Google.

gmail in outlook 4

The next thing we should do is go to the page to access with our email and Microsoft user (@, @, @ etc.). When we have accessed this, we will click on the corresponding gear with the Settings section located in the upper right corner and click on the option to See all Outlook settings .

How to create an account and log in to Gmail to view your email 1

Later we will click on the Synchronize email section and finally on the Gmail option (we can add an account manually in Other email accounts).

gmail in outlook

Now a window will appear asking us if we want to synchronize the email in whole or in part: we will choose the first option after giving a name to the new email account . We will click on Accept and then a Gmail window will appear to enter all our access data and provide the necessary permissions.

How to create an account and log in to Gmail to view your email 2

And that's it, we can now access Gmail from Outlook, send emails, check the inbox and all kinds of actions that Gmail allowed natively. To do this, we must select the account with our email address that will appear in the left side menu .

gmail in outlook

There we can manage and send emails (for the latter we must click on From: when sending an email and select our Gmail account.

Tricks to take advantage of your Gmail account

Gmail includes a large number of functions for many unknown. From blocking users to unsubscribing from broadcast lists and RSS. This time we will teach you several useful and applicable Gmail tricks both from mobile and computer.

Undo and cancel sending an email in Gmail

Since the latest versions of Gmail it is possible to undo the sending of an email. Of course, we must configure the option previously , since by default the system sends the shipment immediately.

undo send gmail

To do this, we will go to the Configuration section mentioned above and look for the option to Undo shipment . Now we will select a certain period of time to cancel the sending of a certain email: 5, 10, 20 or 30 seconds maximum. In this period, we can cancel the receipt of any shipment even if we have pressed the Send button.

Block emails and email addresses in Gmail

Another very useful trick to stop receiving spam is to block a certain email account.

block gmail accountIn this case it is as simple as accessing the email in question, clicking on the three Options points located in the upper right corner and selecting the option to Block [email protected] . From now on, we will stop receiving emails from the user in question.

Change the Gmail theme and appearance

Yes, we can also change the appearance of Gmail through Themes.

themes for gmail 2

As with the rest of the options, we will have to click on the gear wheel on the right and then on Themes . Now a series of themes should appear ready to be applied. We can also upload our own photos if we click on the My photos section.

Use commands to filter specific emails

The penultimate trick and one of the most useful in Gmail is the use of commands to search for emails by date, location or sender.

gmail commands

Google includes on this page all the possible commands to search for emails. As an example, we can filter the results of a certain sender if we put the command 'from: Amazon' in the Gmail search box , as you can see in the screenshot. The possibilities are endless.

Eliminate spam and unsubscribe from broadcast lists

The last trick and perhaps the most useful of all. Unsubscribing from certain broadcast lists can be cumbersome at times. Thanks to the latest versions of Gmail, we can do it by pressing a simple button.

block gmail

In this case, all we will do is access the email we find the question and click on the Cancel subscription option that will appear next to the email address.