Denon DHT-T100, in-depth analysis

denon dht t100

Denon DHT-T100Denon DHT-T100 is a product designed to enhance the sound of super-slim televisions. After all, it is very difficult to introduce high-performance loudspeakers in those devices with such little depth. This is why sound bars , also known as sound projectors, were invented . They are a quick and easy solution to adding surround sound to a television that brings excitement to sports broadcasts, video games and movies. The analyzed model belongs to the subcategory of speaker bases for televisions , which are designed and built to be placed just below the TV, as if it were a stand.

Its discreet yet elegant design can go well with any style of decoration. Ease of use is key, both when installing and configuring it and when using it. Simply connect a single cable to the TV. It offers surround sound and can decode the Dolby Digital format . Inside the housing there is a two-way speaker system, made up of two tweeters and two pairs of woofers. This equipment from Denon also supports other audio sources. For example, on the rear panel you have an auxiliary inputwhere you can connect a portable audio player or MP3 player. It even lets you listen to music stored on other devices wirelessly on your speakers, as long as they have Bluetooth . This implies that the user will be able to enjoy the soundtrack of a movie stored on a laptop or that video from the Internet. The same happens with songs on your mobile phone or tablet.

denon dht t100


This sound bar is finished in black . The front face is covered by a grille, also black, that protects the speaker cones. In the upper part of the front there are eight buttons illuminated with LEDs that show the status of various functions. It is only three inches tall. However, it is not intended to be located in front of the television, because it measures 35.5 centimeters deep and just over two feet wide. That rectangular shape is no accident. The engineers of the brand have chosen it with a clear purpose: to place the unit under the foot of the television, to act as a base.

The manufacturer claims that this product can hold televisions that weigh a maximum of 27 kilos . Considering how displays are currently on the market, that means it is possible to combine a Denon DHT-T100with televisions with a diagonal of up to 50 inches. In addition, it is convenient that the diameter of the base of the television measures between 30.8 and 54.6 centimeters; it should never protrude around the edges. The essential thing is that the foot is well centered on the housing of this soundbar, so that it remains stable. To help, the engineers have put an X-shaped mark in the center of the top face of the case. Another important tip is that the bar is always centered to the right and left with respect to the screen, for an optimal sound result. It can be placed above or below the screen, but only a few inches away. Not suitable for wall mounting.

denon dht t100

Sound and performance

The Denon DHT-T100 model offers surround sound thanks to the brand's Virtual Surround technology, but it can also decode Dolby Digital . The frequency response ranges from 40 to 20,000 Hz. The housing hides a curious speaker configuration. There are two half-inch diameter tweeters located one at each corner of the front. Each tweeter is accompanied by an oval-shaped woofer . All of this is completed by two bass ports , which are installed at the rear, one at each end.

With this configuration, the brand's engineers have achieved good performances both with stereo audio and when creating an envelope. Boosting the lower frequencies is handled by a technology called Dynamic Bass. The user has at their disposal a specific mode for listening at night, which subtly enhances the softest sounds so that they are audible at a low volume. This night mode can be quickly activated or deactivated from the remote control or from a specific button on the front.

In addition, there are six other sound modes to choose from: Dialogue, Music, Movie, Extended Music, Extended Movie, and General . Music mode produces ordinary stereo sound; For its part, the extended music one adds a slight surround effect, like a live concert. Movie mode adds mood and rear effects. However, the expanded movie mode is suitable for action movies or other content with little dialogue.

denon dht t100


Wireless connectivity via Bluetooth is one of the strengths of this soundbar. That means it is capable of receiving audio from a smartphone, tablet, laptop or any Bluetooth device with the A2DP profile . In addition, it supports the aptX codec , which allows you to play high-quality music wirelessly. The maximum range of Bluetooth is between 9 and 12 meters, depending on the manufacturer.

The Denon DHT-T100 's patch panel is on the rear. There is the auxiliary audio input with a minijack connector (3.5 mm), which is used to tap on a wide variety of portable devices, such as an MP3 player or a walkman-type CD player. It also has two digital audio inputs: one optical and one coaxial .

The remote control is small, but it has everything you need to handle all functions. It has a button to select the audio input of the TV, and another to choose the audio input of the Bluetooth device. Other buttons are to adjust the volume or mute it. To this you have to add one to choose the listening mode. It requires a button cell battery, and it can "learn" commands from other infrared remote controls, such as the TV remote.

denon dht t100

Easy installation

Installing the Denon DHT-T100 bar is very easy. Just use a single cable to communicate with the television. Inside the package are an optical digital cable, a stereo cable with a minijack plug (3.5mm), and an RCA to minijack adapter. The ideal is to use the optical digital audio input, but that is not always possible because not all televisions have the corresponding output. The next option would be to use the coaxial audio input (if available), reserving the analog audio input for the rest of the cases when the TV lacks a digital output.

The user can select between these three inputs (optical digital, coaxial digital and analog) from the keypad of the unit or from the remote control. Anyway, assuming that several sources are connected, the manufacturer advises what is the order of priority. Optical takes priority over coaxial or analog, and coaxial over analog. This is so because there is a function that automatically chooses the best available audio source at all times.

Once the bar is installed and the corresponding cables are connected, including the power cable, it is necessary to take another measure: Turn off the sound from the TV speakers . Normally this operation must be carried out within the TV menu. When that is not possible, simply turn the volume down to the minimum, or simply put it on mute. This way, the sound from the TV's built-in speakers will not interfere with that of the bar. Finally, it has an automatic shutdown mode to save energy. Either way, it consumes 0.5W in standby mode.

Data sheet

CategorySound bar

TV speakers

SoundDolby Digital
Sound modesNight, Dialogues, Music, Movie, Extended Music, Extended Movie, General
SettingTwo-way speaker system with two tweeters, two woofers, and two bass ports
ConnectivityOptical digital audio input

Coaxial digital audio input

Auxiliary audio input

Bluetooth with A2DP / APT-X

Frequency response40 - 20,000 Hz
Dimensions and weight608 x 71 x 355 mm

4.3 kg

Target price350 euros
+ infoDenon