8 hidden Instagram settings that you have to activate yes or yes


Instagram has become a content creation platform, just like YouTube and Twitch. It is a fact, its application for Android and iOS has dozens of functions. Some of these are kept in view of any user. Others, on the contrary, are hidden from inexperienced eyes . This time we have compiled some of these hidden settings to activate in the Instagram application and get the most out of it.

Delete search history from Instagram

The search history of the Instagram application can be quite a sneak if we are going to leave the phone to a third party. Fortunately, this history can be completely removed through the application options.

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How? Within Instagram we will go to our profile tab and immediately click on the top menu in the form of a sandwich. Within this menu we will click on the Settings button and finally on the Security section .

Now we just have to go to the Search History option and click on the Delete all button. Instagram will automatically delete searches that have been made within the platform.

Retrieve the history of photos that you have liked

Do you want to recover the last photo that you have liked on your profile? Thanks to the Instagram activity history we can obtain a list of all the publications with which we have recently interacted .

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Within the Instagram settings we will go to the Account section. Later we will click on the section of Publications that you liked . Now Instagram will show us a list with all the publications that we have given a Like, regardless of whether they come from accounts that we follow.

Convert your profile into a business account to get Instagram statistics

At tuexperto.com we have already mentioned on countless occasions the advantages of having a business Instagram account. In this other article we explain how to proceed step by step.

The biggest advantage of turning our profile into a business profile has to do with obtaining statistics on publications and stories. We can know, for example, the number of times our image has been saved by other users  or the times that a story has been forwarded to other users by direct message. We can also know the number of visits to our profile and the statistics regarding this action (the percentage of sexes, the average age, the origin of the visits, etc.).

Turn off your Instagram activity so they can't see the last connection time

Recent updates to the app have brought what the company calls "Instagram Activity." Roughly speaking , this function tells other users if we are inside the application, as well as the last connection time. The good news is that we can deactivate this function through the Instagram settings, more specifically from the Privacy section .

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Within this section we will go to the Activity Status option . Finally we will deactivate the homonymous option. From now on the application will stop telling the aforementioned data to other users.

Untag Instagram photos where you have been tagged

Did you know that you can untag Instagram photos that other users have tagged you on? The process is as simple as going back to the Privacy section .

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In Tags we will click on the Edit button to delete all the publications in which we have been tagged without our consent.

And enable tag control to approve tagging manually

Not only can we control the publications in which we have been previously tagged, we can also control the tagging of images and videos that are published later. It is a process that we can do from the same Privacy section .

All you have to do is activate the option to Approve labels manually . From now on, Instagram will send us a notification to accept the tags of other users on our profile.

Limit comments from other users on your applications

When limiting the activity of other users with respect to our publications, Instagram allows us to perform different actions on the comments. One of these actions is to limit the comments according to different criteria : the people who follow us, the people we follow ...

We can also activate manual approval to create a virtual screen. This screen will allow us to manually filter any comments that have been made in any of our publications. The way to proceed, in any case, is as simple as going to the Privacy section and then to the Comments option . Within this menu we can find different options that will allow us to play with the aforementioned limitations.

Activate hidden Instagram filters on your photos

Did you know that Instagram has a series of hidden filters? Although the application has dozens of filters for photographs, for a few years it has decided to hide a good number of filters , predictably due to the lack of use of the application's users.

Within the Instagram image editor we will go to the Filters section. Then, we will slide to the right until we reach the end. The last option that will be shown below will allow us to manually manage all the filters that the platform handles . If we slide the list down we can see several filters that the platform has decided to hide. And they are not few precisely.