Top 10 YouTube Channels for Board Game Lovers

board games youtube channels 2020

The rise of board games is a fact. Although its audience is not as extensive as that of digital games, there is a whole community of users around these types of games. Forums, Twitter accounts, web pages… The fame of these has even reached YouTube, where it is common to find channels dedicated exclusively to tutorials, real games and product analysis . On this occasion we have compiled some of the best known for those lovers of board, role-playing and card games who do not want to miss any news of this particular form of entertainment.

index of contents

  • Tainted Table
  • Jupiter Games
  • BoardGameGeek
  • Board and role-playing games
  • The Pacheco Dungeon
  • Unna
  • Mexa games
  • Polygon
  • The Dice Tower
  • The Hobbit Hole

Tainted Table

"Opening boxes, game reviews, and live games." This is how one of the most active YouTube board game channels of the moment is presented. The channel in question has more than 600 videos dedicated solely and exclusively to table games , including live games, product analysis, tutorials, tricks and a long etcetera.

Its great asset - never better said - is probably the variety of games that the channel presents: Virus, Dany, Slide Quest, Carnival of Monsters, Karma, Layers, Loser, Magic Race, Catan ... At this moment it has more than 25,000 subscribers.

Jupiter Games

Best known for the franchise that gives the channel its name. It is the official channel of the legendary board game store. Like the original store, the YouTube channel's content focuses on Magic: The gathering card games .

The rest of the videos focus on competitive games, such as Catan or Keyforge . It currently has almost 8,000 subscribers.


If language is not an impediment and we want to enjoy daily content, BoardGameGeek is probably the most popular and massive YouTube channel in the world of role-playing and board games in English and Spanish. With more than 100,000 subscribers, part of its success is due to the broadcast of live games, with videos that can last up to 8 hours .

Most of these broadcasts are usually carried out within the different conventions and game championships that exist in the United States . The channel also has analysis of games and opinions of each of its components.

Board and role-playing games

Channel with a theme and content very similar to the previous one, with the exception that it focuses on role-playing board games, such as  Camarilla, La Sombra de Saros, Monotith or Nahuiollin . In addition to having game analysis, the channel teaches the basics of some big-name titles along with a series of tricks to win the games.

Currently the number of subscribers is less than 3,000, although the channel's activity is quite regular. It has a website where monthly raffles for board games are usually organized .

The Pacheco Dungeon

Probably one of the YouTube channel of board games with the greatest impact within the Hispanic community, with no less than 63,000 subscribers behind it.

With more than 250 board games analyzed, the channel does not limit its content to board games: we can find role-playing games and even cards. Part of the content also focuses on tutorials and streaming of real games among its four members , not to mention the raffles that the channel organizes and the tops of board games of different themes.


Another board game channel quite similar to the rest of the channels. Unna is responsible for the channel that gives its name to it. Like other YouTube channels, Unna's content focuses on unpacks, cheats, live game streaming, and game reviews , some well known and some not so well known.

Perhaps its greatest strength is found in the variety of games presented, from the most popular to the least massive. Titles like Cities: Skyline, Unfair or Root .

Mexa games

No, they are not fireworks games. Board games focuses a large part of its content on game tutorials, although we can also find opinions and tops of titles on a multitude of topics. Games to give away, for parties, for couples, for large groups and so on.

Unfortunately, the activity of the channel is not significant, although the videos are usually diverse and with a lot of valuable content.


It is an English-speaking channel that does not focus only on board games, but also digital games and the art behind them. All in all, Polygon has several videos of live game, opinion and product unboxing .

All in all, it is the most massive channel that we can find today, with almost a million subscribers as of today . It is true that the number of board game videos is rather low.

The Dice Tower

Again we find a YouTube channel whose content focuses exclusively on board games in English. The most massive, in fact, with almost 300,000 subscribers. It is also the most active, with more than twenty videos a week . There is nothing.

Among the titles that we can find within the channel, it is worth mentioning some such as  Space Bowl, Three Dragon Ante, Tiny Towns: Fortune or Corsairs of Valeria , among others. The most popular videos of The Dice Tower focus on game tops, although we can also find live games and title analysis.

The Hobbit Hole

We reach the last channel with The Hobbit Hole, where we can find analysis of games of different themes, beyond their popularity. From traditional board games, such as Mission Accomplished or Rock, Paper or Scissors to more recent titles such as Marvel Champions or London.

We can also find top games and a compilation of the best games of each game.